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[Members of the NOAA GFDL Climate Change, Variability, and Prediction Group communicating about climate science via electronic media]
In addition to writing scientific papers, authoring reports, and delivering talks at professional meetings, GFDL's Climate Change, Variability, and Prediction (CCVP) Group members increasingly communicate about our scientific research to broader audiences via electronic media. Much of the work done by CCVP group members finds its way into the news, and our media efforts are one way we seek to meet an obligation to provide straightforward, credible information to Americans about climate science.

[Link to audio and videos produced by GFDL CCVP group] On one web page, we provide links to some climate science video and audio products produced here at NOAA GFDL, by members of the Climate Change, Variability & Prediction Group.

[Link to GFDL CCVP e-media videos and audio produced by others] Several of our scientists have appeared on television shows, video podcasts, radio programs, and audio podcasts produced by a variety of media outlets. We've created a web page where you can find examples that you can download, view or listen to from your computer.