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Ronald J. Stouffer

Links of interest

Research interests

  • My primary research interest is the study of climate mainly using models. I study climate change, the present climate and past climates.

Current research projects

  • Development and use of an Earth System Model
    GFDL has developed 2 new models that include a subcomponent model of the carbon cycle. This new component allows interactions between climate and vegetation on land and plants and animals in the oceans. We are used the 2 new ESMs in the CMIP5/AR5 activities and are actively using them for other research projects.
  • Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP)
    Stouffer has been a member of the CMIP Panel since it was formed. Veronika Erying and the Panel are lead an effort to develop the design for CMIP6. See the CMIP6 web pages at PCMDI or the WCRP for more information.