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Meeting goals

The intent of the meeting is

  • to recap where we stand;
  • identify activities outside our projects (Curator and Metafor) that are looking to us to fulfil key roles (e.g IPCC AR5);
  • identify the strategically most important areas to work on during Year 3 of Curator, Year 1 of Metafor;
  • develop a work plan for Year 3/1. (I don't of course mean to imply that we will lay down requirements on Metafor... this is more by way of coordination).

Meeting agenda

The first morning is in plenary with an AR5 data management planning meeting that will be held here starting Oct 17.

18 9am to noon: recap of where we are, where we need to be

  • Meeting goals: Balaji
  • AR4 recap: Williams
  • AR5 use cases: timeline, software requirements (e.g "server-side regridding"), metadata requirements, metadata gaps: Balaji
  • Curator overview, what we can provide for AR5: Deluca, Balaji
  • NumSim overview, what we can provide for AR5: Lawrence
  • Metafor overview, what we can provide for AR5: Steenman-Clark
  • Distributed catalogues: OAI-PMH etc: Lawrence, Middleton
  • Introduction to related projects: ESG, Ingrid
  • Discussion

Lunch on the 18th will be catered at noon.

18 lunch to 5pm: working session

19 morning to noon: toward Curator/complete

Final state of the blackboard, from Don Middleton

Click image to enlarge:

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