GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Presentations, Seminars, & External Talks (2013)

10/5/2012 Dixon From ‘Best Available’ Science to ‘Actionable’ Science: Using Climate Model Result Climate Chance Science for Minnesota Broadcast Meteorologists workshop St. Paul, Minnesota
10/8/2012 Ramaswamy The Challenge of Understanding Trends, Variances, and Extremes in Climate Yale Climate and Energy Institute Series New Haven, CT
10/22/2012 Stock Global-Scale Carbon and Energy Flows Through the Planktonics Food Web: An Analysis with a Coupled Physical -Biological Model National Institute of Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) Work Group Meeting Knoxville, TN
10/29/2012 Donner Mesoscale Organization Associated with Deep Convection and its Representation in Global Models DOE Atmospheric System Research Meeting Rockville, MD
10/29/2012 Hallberg Discussion of Resolution-Dependent Process Parameterizations for Ocean Models Isaac Newton Institute Programme on Multiscale Numerics for the Atmosphere and Ocean Cambridge, UK
11/6/2012 Marchok Review of Verification Team Annual HFIP Meeting Miami, FL
11/12/2012 S. Zhang Ensemble Parameter Estimate in Coupled Models The International Conference on Ensemble Methods in Geophysical Sciences Toulouse, France
11/16/2012 Wittenberg Whither ENSO? Assessing El Nino Risks for the Coming Decades University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
11/29/2012 Dixon DNA USGS’s annual SC CSC Science Workshop Fort Worth, TX
11/29/2012 Wilson Modeling of Atmospheric Tides with the GFDL Mars GCM Mars Climate Sounder Team Meeting Pasadena, CA
12/3/2012 Donner The Aerosol Indirect Effect in Climate Models: Where is it? Where should it be? Where should it not be? AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Ramaswamy Anthropogenic Aerosols, Climate Forcing and Climate Change AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Schwarzkopf The Impact of Aerosol Direct and Indirect Effects on Climate AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Dunne Sensitivity of Ocean Carbon Uptake to Baseline Ocean Simulation and Circulation Interior Biogeochemistry and Sediment Calcite Feedbacks AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Wilson Water Ice Clouds and Thermal Structure of the Mars Atmosphere: Observations and Modeling AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Ming Inferring the Transient Climate Response from Observed Warming AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Ginoux Global Anthropogenic Dust Sources Associated with Agriculture and Hydrology AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/3/2012 Harris Nested-Grid simulations in the GFDL Hiram model AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/5/2012 Wittenberg Variation of ENSO Teleconnections AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA
12/16/2012 Lin GFDL’s Unified Regional-Global Modeling System Frontier in Computational Physics: Modeling the Earth System Boulder, CO
12/17/2012 Golaz Clouds in the GFDL CM3 Global Climate Model: Recent Developments LMD Paris, France
1/6/2013 Golaz Cloud Tunings in a Coupled Climate Model and their Impact on 20th Century Warming AMS Fall Meeting Austin, TX
1/6/2013 Dixon Examining the Stationarity Assumption in Statistical Downscaling of Climate Projections: Is Past Performance an Indication of Future Results? AMS Fall Meeting Austin, TX
1/6/2013 Ramaswamy Earth System Modeling for Scientific Understanding, Information, and Applications to Climate Impacts and Predictability AMS Fall Meeting Austin, TX
1/6/2013 Knutson Multi-Model Assessment of Regional Surface Temperature Trends: CMIP3 vs. CMIP5 Historical Runs AMS Fall Meeting Austin, TX
1/6/2013 Ming Nonlocal Component of Radiative Flux Perturbation AMS Fall Meeting Austin, TX
1/7/2013 Knutson Dynamical Downscaling Projections of Late 21st Century Atlantic Hurricane Activity AMS Fall Meeting Austin, TX
1/21/2013 Ramaswamy Climate Change in the 20th and 21st Centuries University of New South Wales Sidney, Australia
1/22/2013 Donner Aerosols, Clouds, and Climate: The Global Modeling Challenge University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
1/28/2013 Hallberg Resolution Dependent Parameterizations of Ocean Eddies MIT Meeting on the Dynamics of the Southern Ocean Cambridge, MA
1/28/2013 Griffies Couple Climate Modeling with Ocean Eddies DRAKKAR Ocean Modeling Meeting Grenoble, France
1/28/2013 Donner Challenges for Modeling Convection and Convective Systems Across Scales UKMO Workshop: Understanding and Representing Atmospheric Convection Across Scales Totnes, Devon, UK
2/5/2013 Wittenberg ENSO Diversity in the GFDL Coupled GCMs ENSO Diversity Workshop Boulder, CO
2/15/2013 Griffies Sea Level in a Suite of Global Ocean-Ice Models WCRP Sydney, Australia
2/17/2013 Ginoux Recording and Modeling of Dust Dynamics and Its Effects on Climate: Anthropogenism, Terra Firma and Hydrological Cycle Intertwined Meeting with KAUST and SQU Thuwal, Saudi Arabia Muscat, Oman
3/4/2013 Dunne Ocean Biogeochemical and Ecological Responses to Climate Change and Acidification in GFDL’s Earth System Models MAREMIP/ EUR-OCEANS/ IMBER/ GREENCYCLES II Workshop Paris, France
3/19/2013 Vecchi Projections of Hurricane Activity University of Toronto Toronto, Canada
3/20/2013 Dunne Ocean Heat and Carbon Uptake Sensitivity to Baseline Ocean Circulation, Circulation Change, and Biogeochemical Feedbacks Duke University Durham, NC
3/20/2013 John GFDL’s Earth System Models- Results and Future Development Climate 2013 Workshop Berkeley, CA
3/20/2013 Delworth High-Resolution Coupled Climate Modeling at GFDL Workshop on Climate Modeling and Next Generation of Models and Supercomputers Berkeley, CA
3/25/2013 Knutson Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change: Dynamical Downscaling Projections and Analysis of Historical Data SUNY Albany Albany, NY
3/28/2013 Ramaswamy Modeling of Regional Climate National Academics- Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Silver Spring, MD
3/28/2013 Dunne Heat Stress Reduces Labor Capacity Under Climate Warning Seminar at NOAA Headquarters Silver Spring, MD
4/10/2013 Donner Biases and Errors in Physical Parameterizations: New Issues Raised by the First-Generation Treatments of Cloud-Aerosol Interactions in GCMs European Geophysical Union General Assembly Vienna, Austria
4/15/2013 Knutson Multi-Model Assessment of Regional Surface Temperature Trends: CMIP3 vs. CMIP5 20th Century Simulations ICCL 2013 Expert Assessment Workshop on Decadal Climate Variability and Cross-Scale Interactions Beijing, China
4/26/2013 Ming A Road Map Toward Understanding Regional Climate Change Stanford University Palo Alto, CA
5/1/2013 Ramaswamy Aerosol Forcing, and Global and Regional Climate Change International Workshop on “Changing Chemistry in Changing Climate: Monsoon (C4) Pune, India
5/1/2013 Ginoux Dust from agriculture and natural sources: Implications for air quality and climate Stony Brook University Long Island, NY
5/13/2013 Ming Reconciling the Observed Surface Temperature and Precipitation Trends in the Satellite Era AGU Meeting of the Americas Cancun, Mexico
5/16/2013 Dixon Highways in the Coastal Environment – Assessing Extreme Events Federal Highway Administration Meeting New York, NY
5/21/2013 Ramaswamy Anthropogenic Weakening of Asian Monsoon WMO Norbert Gerbier-Mumm Award Ceremony Geneva, Switzerland
5/21/2013 Hallberg Resolution-dependent Eddy Parameterizations for Large-scale Ocean Models” and “Sensitivity of 21st Century Steric Sea Level Rise to Ocean Model Formulation 2013 Layered Ocean Model Workshop Ann Arbor, MI
5/27/2013 Westley Development of a web-based document repository on ocean fertilization London Convention Scientific Groups Meeting Buenos Aires, Argentina
5/29/2013 Knutson Dynamical Downscaling Projections of Late 21st Century Atlantic Hurricane Activity: CMIP3 and CMIP5 Model-Based Scenarios Northeast Tropical Conference Rensselaerville, NY
6/4/2013 Hallberg Adding Coupling between Oceans and Ice-sheet Dynamics to Coupled Climate Models US CLIVAR International Workshop on Ice Sheet/Ocean/Atmospheric Interactions in Greenland Beverly, MA
6/10/2013 Stern Representation of tropical intra-seasonal activity in climate prediction GCMs at GFDL and assessing sensitivity to resolution, coupling, convective parameterization and initialization Nature of the MJO at George Mason University Fairfax, VA
6/13/2013 Ginoux Global dust source inventory retrieved from MODIS Deep Blue aerosol data INQUA North African dust sources workshop Loughborough, UK
6/25/2013 Dixon Weird(er) Weather & a Changing Climate: Piecing Together the Puzzle Broadcast Meteorologists Nashville, TN
7/1/2013 Knutson Multi-decadal assessment of trends in regional surface temperature and Artic Sea ice extent International Detection/Attribution Group (IDAG) Boulder, CO
7/16/2013 Delworth Hemispheric-scale impacts of centennial-scale AMOC variations in the GFDL CM2.5 high-resolution couple model US AMOC/UK RAPID International Science Meeting Baltimore, MD
7/17/2013 Delworth Dynamics and Impact US AMOC/UK RAPID International Science Meeting Baltimore, MD
7/22/2013 Lin Towards seasonal predictions of high-impact weather events ONR Seasonal Prediction Workshop Monterey, CA
7/25/2013 Stock Climate Change and Conservation of Marine Species: Bridging the Gap Between Ecology, Climate Science and Policy International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) Baltimore, MD
7/30/2013 Vecchi Construction, Visualization and Verification of Ensemble-based Predictions from sub-second to ISI timescales ESPC and NUOPC Workshops San Diego, CA
8/3/2013 Griffies Ocean Climate Modeling INCOIS (India) for Summer School Hyderabad, India
8/3/2013 John Ocean Modeling INCOIS (India) for Summer School Hyderabad, India
8/4/2013 Stouffer Lessons learned from CMIPS issues for CMIP6 Next generation climate change experiments needed to advance knowledge and for CMIP6 Aspen, CO
8/5/2013 Griffies Ocean modeling for the analyst ESSO-INCOIS Hyderabad, India
8/6/2013 Bewtra Network Architecture in the Virtual Age OCIO Meeting Silver Spring, MD
8/6/2013 Sentman Reducing Uncertainty in the Global Carbon Cycle from Land Use Application: Implications for Initialized Earthy System Models Advanced Studies Program (ASP) at NCAR Boulder, CO
8/11/2013 Dixon Quantitative Evaluation of Downscaling NCPP Boulder, CO
8/12/2013 Dixon Examining the Stationarity Assumption: Perfect Model Experiments & Evaluations NCPP’s “Quantitative Evaluation of Downscaling” workshop Boulder, CO
8/16/2013 John Earth System Modeling in the context of MOM4p1 IITM Pune, India
9/10/2013 Stock The Response of Marine Ecosystems to Climate Forcing: causes and consequences University of Washington: Climate Change Summer Institute Friday Harbor, WA