GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory


Alexandra Jones


Postdoctoral Research Associate

NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Atmospheric Physics and Climate Group



Contact Information:

Rm 212, 201 Forrestal Rd.

Princeton, NJ 08540


Phone: (609) 452-6518

Research Interests:

My research interests fall into the areas of atmospheric radiative transfer, satellite remote sensing, and high performance computing. Currently I am working on the World Meteorological Organization’s radiative forcing model intercomparison project (RFMIP) to determine the sources of model spread in aerosol radiative forcing. During my PhD work I developed a 3D, broadband, Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Model, called MCBRaT3D, to represent high spatial and spectral resolution simulations of solar and thermal radiation transport in earth’s atmosphere. During my Master’s project I utilized NASA datasets from the MISR, MODIS, and ASTER instruments on board the Terra satellite platform. I developed a pattern recognition algorithm to correct over estimations of regional cloud fraction due to low-spatial-resolution effects. High performance computing is the thread that ties all of these things together. Cutting edge computing resources enable cutting edge science and in-turn cutting edge science informs the design of future computing resources. I’m passionate about advocating for high performance computing and big-data management throughout my career as it has the potential to advance scientific understanding immensely.