GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Bing Pu

Bing Pu

Physical Scientist

Atmospheric Physics, Chemistry and Climate Group

Phone: (609)452-5394


My research interest lies in understanding the interactions among the atmosphere, land, and oceans, and how do these processes affect regional to global climate changes using both observational data and climate models.

I’m also interested in understanding how the variations of dust aerosol emission, land cover/land use change may influence climate over the United States in association with drought development and variations of remote sea surface temperatures.

Recent Publications

  • Pu, B., R.E. Dickinson, and R. Fu, 2016: Dynamical connection between low-level
    winds and interannual variability of Gulf coast precipitation. J. Geophys. Res.-Atmospheres,
    in revision.
  • Fernando, D.N., K. Mo, R. Fu, B. Pu, A. Bowerman, B.R. Scanlon, R. S. Solis,
    L. Yin, R. E. Mace, J. R. Mioduszewski, T. Ren, and K. Zhang, 2016:  What
    caused the spring intensification and winter demise of the 2011 drought over
    Texas? Clim. Dyn., accepted.
  • Pu, B., R. Fu, R.E. Dickinson, and D. N. Fernando, 2016: Why do summer droughts
    in the southern Great Plains occur in some La Niña years but not others? J.
    Geophys. Res.- Atmospheres, in press.
  • Pu, B., and R.E. Dickinson, 2014: Diurnal spatial variability of Great Plains
    summer precipitation related to the dynamics of the low-level jet, Journal of
    the Atmospheric Sciences, 71, 1807-1817.
  • Pu, B., and R.E. Dickinson, 2013: Hydrological changes in the climate system
    from leaf responses to increasing CO2.  Clim. Dyn. doi:10.1007/s00382-013-1781-1.
  • Pu, B., and R.E. Dickinson, 2012: Examining vegetation feedbacks on global
    warming in the Community Earth System Model. J. Geophys. Res., 117, D20110,
  • Pu, B., E. K. Vizy, and K. H. Cook, 2012: Warm season response over North
    America to a shutdown of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and
    CO2 increases. J. Climate, 25, 6701-6720.
  • Pu, B., and K. H. Cook, 2012: Role of the West African westerly jet in Sahel
    precipitation variations on interannual and decadal time scales. J. Climate,
    25, 2880-2896.

Curriculum Vitae