GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

FRE4 Version History

Changes in versions of the Flexible Modeling System Runtime Environment (FRE) environment modules. The latest version of FRE is Arkansas-10.

Compiled by: Amy Langenhorst

(also see TestingTagMovesforFRE… pages on the old wiki)

Table of Contents


Module fre-commands/arkansas-8


  • CVSROOT in the environment will not be used by FRE; if you need a non-default repository, use the attributes of the
  • tag.
  • make templates updated for openmp support.


  • production runscripts perform dual run checking. Dual runs are on by default on the remote system Gaea. Dual runs can be requested with frerun –dual.
  • new option –check to verify that “unique” runs created with frerun -u reproduce the original run.
  • accept only one-letter options and full-name options (no abbreviations like –ext). command line options with optional arguments removed
  • enhancements for remote system features
  • frusavehist and combine_parallel.csh renamed to fresavehist, improvements for inheriting the module environment from the runscript


  • added test for fremake status 23 so that this is not seen as an error: “A pre-compiled executable has been specified for $expt”


  • new option -H: Do refineDiag calculation only, without doing regular postprocessing automatically afterwards.
  • if the refineDiag history file already exists, extract it and add the new files to it, rather than replacing it with only the new files.
  • add fregrid options to adjust the exchange grid cell area with weights.
  • if the xml contains , then frepp will not create the cpio of time series in archive alongside the individual by-variable files.
  • bugfix: history data from jaguar in more than one tar file per year resulted in incorrect annual 1 year average files, because only the first file of the year was used. This did not affect cubed sphere data, only history files not on a cubed sphere grid.
  • various bugfixes and minor changes for preparing data for fremetar

Module fre-nctools/arkansas-4


  • new options to adjust the exchange grid cell area by multiplying the weight_field value.
  • add bounds for the x and y axis variables
  • efficiency improvements.


  • add coordinate variables to time series files.
  • extract the bounds variable for non-time dimensions
  • added -s option to extract only static fields

Module fre-transfer/arkansas-5

  • gcp, the data transfer utility, was added
  • various fixes and improvements to hsmget and hsmput

Module fre-curator/arkansas-5

  • various fixes and improvements.
  • contains data_publisher.csh, which is a replacement for arl_call_fredb.csh. To use it in your xml files, you need to replace

<analysis script="/home/fms/analysis/arl_call_fredb.csh"/>


<analysis script="$FRE_CURATOR_HOME/share/bin/data_publisher.csh"/>

Please use ‘cumulative=”no”‘ in analysis tags for fremetar:

<analysis switch="on" cumulative="no" script="...

A future improvement so that frepp calls with -t only submit the analysis scripts for the time chunk containing the -t date (rather than all available chunks) is still needed.


Module fre-commands

  • frepp: merged John Krasting’s changes to hsmget only the necessary diagnostic files from the history cpio/tar files.
  • frepp: refineDiag code modified to handle experiments where the history combine interval is less than one year (affects some runs at jaguar/ORNL)
  • frepp: fix for the problem of the refineDiag history cpio in archive: the ok file in archive was being identified as a history file. Now frepp uses more explicit ls command.
  • frepp: background dmput commands, to make sure they don’t take time.
  • Now using nccmp version 1.1.0, we do not need to convert netcdf v4 to v3 to check reproducibility
  • interactive frerts runs do not delete the TMPDIR for an interactive session
  • freconvert does not add mkmf nodes


Module fre-commands

  • frerts improvements, portability fixes for running on jaguar/ORNL
  • frecheck modified to work with 5 digit timestamp for no_calendar models
  • if no CVSROOT is specified in xml or env, use default from, /home/fms/cvs for GFDL
  • freconvert adds to platform csh


Module fre-commands

  • frerun can submit scripts with input data staging – it has an additional –submit-staged (ss) option for that, with two additional options –npes and –walltime to control number of processors and walltime of the input data staging script.
  • Improvements to DOE makefile templates:,
  • frerts improvements
  • freconvert: added code to handle adding doe dataSource node for version 4 xmls.
  • frecanon: added code to resolve baseDate and name variables, and correctly merges inlineData tags with other diag tables.
  • Improvements for FRE portability to other sites


Module fre-commands

  • Changes from fre_201006 for environment modularization
  • removed reference to FREROOT because it is not defined with FRE modules
  • new tool frerts: Creates a script to launch fremake, frerun and frecheck automatically. All the experiments in the xml file will be compiled, and the suite of regression tests (all basic, restarts, and scaling regression runs) will be run. Then frecheck will be called. Source, executables, and stdout will be written to $HOME/autoRTS/date-string/. This tool does not take an experiment name.
  • new helper tool for frerts: substitute autoRTS directories into directory tags.
  • added an option for no_calendar models which have a five digit day number
  • frepp: merged code from Lori Sentman to add the ar5daily pressure levels as an option for zInterp
  • frepp/analysis: added “sleep 3” between analysis batch submissions, in hopes of avoiding database errors when two calls to the database are made at the same time.