GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Great Papers Course 2012

February 20


The Life Cycles of Some Nonlinear Baroclinic Waves

By: A.J. Simmons, B.J. Hoskins

February 27


Dynamics of Deserts and Drought in the Sahel

By: J.G. Charney

March 5


Geostrophic Turbulence

By: J.G. Charney

March 12


Trends, Rhythms, and Aberrations in Global Climate 65 Ma to Present

By: J. Zachos, M. Pagani, L. Sloan, E. Thomas, K. Billups

March 26


The Influence of Nitrogen Oxides on the Atmospheric Ozone Content

By: P.J. Crutzen

April 2


Evidence for a World Circulation Provided by the Measurements of Helium and Water Vapour Distribution in the Statosphere

By: A.W. Brewer

April 9


Cloud-Radiative Forcing and Climate: Results From the Earth Radition Budget Experiment

By: V. Ramanathan, R.D. Cess, E.F. Harrison, P. Minnis, B.R. Barkstorm, E. Ahmad, D. Hartmann

April 16


Simulations of Right-and Left-Moving Storms Produced Through Storm Splitting

By: J.B. Klemp and R.B. Wilhelmson

April 23


Abyssal Recipes II: Energetics of Tidal and Wind Mixing

By: W. Munk, C. Wunsch

April 30


Teleconnections in the Geopotential Height Field During the Northern Hemisphere Winter

By: J.M. Wallace, D.S. Gutzler

May 7


Thermal Equilibrium of the Atmosphere with A Given Distribution of Relative Humidity

By: S. Manabe & R.T. Wetherald