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Jasmin G. John


My research interests build upon a broad and extensive background in developing climate and earth system models and using these tools to study carbon-climate interactions and biogeochemical feedbacks over the last 30 years.

Transdisciplinary studies are essential to Earth System research efforts and understanding global change. My professional goals include conducting research on projects that integrate theory, modeling and observations across earth system components to identify processes driving trends and variability, improve future projections, and assess impacts on fragile ecosystems, the environment, and humans.

Investigating thresholds and transitions (e.g. tipping points, resilience and bifurcation points; abrupt climate change and extreme events; shifting biome regimes), and associated timescales in the whole (fully-coupled) Earth System, to look at impacts and feedbacks are of particular research interest.

Using high-resolution Earth System Models to understand interactions and impacts on coastal environments are also research areas of interest.

Projects include assessing the reversibility of the Earth System, investigating the role of emissions and climate in determining methane lifetime in CM3, understanding the coupling of ocean heat and carbon uptake in the ESMs, reducing uncertainties in CO2 inversions, as well as developing the next generation of GFDL Earth System Models.


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Jasmin John
201 Forrestal Road
Princeton, NJ 08540