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Welcome to my personal web page.
I’m a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Program for Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (AOS) at Princeton University.
I’m working with Dr. Sonya Legg and Dr. Robert Hallberg.

I am interested in small scale mixing in the ocean.
This includes gravity currents, exchange flows and deep convection.
I focus on idealized process studies using high resolution numerical simulations.

Research Interest

  • Affect of topography in overflows
  • Mixing in stratified flow
  • Turbulence closures
  • Interaction between overflow and mesoscale eddies
  • Hydraulically controlled exchange flow


Fig 1. Evolution of the passive tracer isosurface field in a flow over a ridge problem. The red, green and blue isosurfaces are 0.25, 0.2 and 0.15, respectively. It is an indication of mixing that the red (densest) isosurface do not pass on the downstream side of the ridge.




Fig 2. Evolution of the temperature field in a lock-exchange problem. Horizontal and vertical axes are in (m).


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Contact Information

Princeton University Forrestal Campus
201 Forrestal Road
Princeton, NJ 08540-6649
Web Page:
Phone: ++1 (609) 452-5335