GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Climate Model and Data Infrastructure

Work at Climate Model and Data Infrastructure group lies at the intersection of science and software: the use of information technology to facilitate the science we currently do, as well as enabling new kinds of science that haven’t been dreamed of so far.  Led by group leader V. Balaji, the group provides a software environment for GFDL where scientific groups can develop new physics and new algorithms concurrently, and coordinate periodically through the Flexible Modeling System (FMS).  The management of long and large climate model runs is done using the FMS Runtime Environment (FRE), which encapsulates complete model configurations in a single file, allows a streamline performance from submission of model runs, archiving model outputs, to post-processing the output data and creating automated analysis figures.  Another software framework FRE Curator is developed here at GFDL to provide end-to-end management from model configuration to archived dataset, which provides complete scientific information about each model experiments.  Please visit these pages below for more details.