GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory


Time-slice experiments at approximately 50 km resolution

GFDL’s atmospheric model (AM2.1) was run in AMIP mode at high horizontal resolution (0.625° lon x 0.5° lat). High frequency (3-hourly) data from this model is available for two time periods: 1968 to 2000 using observed SST and sea-ice extent (from HADISST), and 2038 to 2070 using deviations in SST and sea-ice extent from the GFDL’s CM2.1 A2 scenario.

Data Coverage

Due to the large volume of data the region publicly available covers the North American sector only. Three-dimensional fields are on the model’s vertical grid.

  • 180° to 45°W longitude
  • 10°N to 75°N latitude
  • 24 levels, model’s original hybrid sigma-pressure coordinate

Interpolation to pressure levels

A sample Fortran 90 program is provided to interpolate 3-dimensional fields from model levels to constant pressure levels.

How to obtain the data

The data can be downloaded from GFDL’s data portal either by http or ftp:

Data is available for the follow experiments

GFDL Experiment Name/Directory Available Dates
m180_narccap_hist Jan 1968 – Dec 2000
m180_narccap_sres Jan 2038 – Dec 2070