GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GFDL Scientist Making a “Green” Difference

Oceanographer Whit Anderson is a recipient of the 2009 NOAA Green Steward Award.
As a dedicated cycling enthusiast, Whit is among many GFDL employees who commute
to work by bicycle regularly. The award recognizes Whit for his efforts to have
bicycle lockers installed at GFDL, to accommodate the growing number of bike commuters,
and encouraging others to do so.

With increasing numbers of scientists and staff biking to work at GFDL year-round,
the lab had outgrown its indoor bike facilities. Whit identified the need to accommodate
more commuter bikes, conceived of the solution, and advocated for its implementation.
He did the initial research, drafted a preliminary plan, formed an informal committee
of bike commuters, and gained the support of GFDL management. Whit remained involved
in the final design, selection of materials, and installation. His efforts are likely
to increase the number of GFDL staff who bicycle to work all year long.

The project is under construction now, consisting of twenty individual bicycle
lockers and a three-walled bike shelter which will accommodate up to ten bicycles,
for a total capacity of 30 bicycles. A 950 square-foot concrete slab has been poured,
and the shelter is in place. The installation will be complete once the lockers
are delivered and installed.

2009 is the inaugural year for this award. NOAA strives to recognize and reward
employees who initiate “best green practices”, to encourage personal actions for
a cleaner, healthier planet and lifestyle.