GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Ocean Climate Model Development Meeting

October 28-30, 2009 (Wed-Fri)

GFDL, Princeton, NJ, USA.


The purpose is to bring together ocean modelers who focus on the climate scale simulation of the global ocean to discuss results and progress, exchange ideas, and scope out the future directions in the field. The motivation for hosting a meeting this year is that the larger modeling centers contributing to the next IPCC (AR5) are nearing completion of their respective model configurations and, once the runs are started, we all can soon turn our attention to the development of the next generation of models.

The structure of the meeting is intended to be conducive to discussion. Session leaders have been tasked with identifying select contributions around which to base the discussions. This meeting has taken place in some form or other (“Z meetings” and WGOMD meetings) at infrequent intervals over the last dozen years. Previous meetings have all been very productive and well attended by the major climate centers and are intentionally quite small to help promote open discussion.


The broad topics of discussion (with discussion leaders in parentheses), are as follows:

  • Wednesday
    • 9:00am – State of the art of coupled modeling (G. Danabaosglu)
      • P. Gent, R. Hallberg, M. Roberts, J. Jungclaus
    • 1:30pm – Sea-level and ocean-ice-shelf interactions (D. Holland)
      • D. Pollard, T. Dupont, D. Goldberg, M. McPhee, C. Little, R. Walker, M. Hecht
    • 6:00pm – Reception at Jadwin Hall, Princeton University
  • Thursday
    • 9:00am – High-resolution modeling (M. Hecht)
      • C. Hill, T. Penduff, T. Rosati, R. Msadek, R. Farneti, R.  Hallberg
    • 11:00am – Parameterization of mesoscale and sub-mesoscale processes (B. Fox-Kemper)
      • S. Smith, M. Hecht, G. Danabasoglu, S. Griffies, B. Arbic, A. Adcroft
    • 2:00pm – Parameterization of small-scale mixing and diapycnal processes (S. Jayne)
      • M. Nikurashin, R. Hallberg, J. McKinnon
    • 4:30pm – Numerics and formulation (R. Hallberg)
  • Friday
    • 8:00am – Sea-ice modeling (C. Bitz)
      • D. Feltham, C. Petrich, D. Sulsky, A. Roberts, E. Hunke, T. Fichefet, M. Winton
    • 11:20pm – C.O.R.E.s, forcing, initialization and ocean data sets (S. Griffies)
      • B. Large, M. Benson, S. Marsland

A detailed agenda is now available for download. Please be aware that times are approximate since the purpose of the meeting is to stimulate discussion, the duration of which is hard to estimate.


List of attendees is now available as a pdf file.


Information on getting to GFDL, Princeton, NJ, from various transportation hubs can be found on the visiting GFDL page.

We have arranged a group rate at the Holiday Inn, 100 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ of US$119/night including breakfast but all reservations must go through Young Song (, 609-806-0014) by October 12th. The Holiday Inn is on Route 1, a few blocks up from the GFDL campus and they provide a courtesy shuttle to Princeton and our campus on request.

For those who prefer to stay in town, we also have a special rate at the Nassau Inn but for significantly more per night. To get this (un-advertised rate) you must make the booking through Anna Valerio (, 609-258-6677) by October 1st. Parking is expensive and they don\’t provide any shuttle services.

General information about other local hotels can be found here.