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Ryan R. Rykaczewski

Ryan Rykaczewski, Nippon Foundation

Assistant Professor

Marine Science Program

Department of Biological Sciences

University of South Carolina

715 Sumter St.

Columbia, SC  29208    USA

Phone: +1-803-777-8159



In collaboration with the Nereus Program and Princeton University/GFDL Climate and Ecosystems: John Dunne, Charlie Stock, and Jorge Sarmiento

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Research Interests

I am interested in exploring the responses of ecosystem and fisheries production to past and future climate variability and climate change. This research involves consideration of theory, observations, and models.  Currently, I investigate the biogeochemical implications of changes in physical climate that are particularly robust in the projections of atmosphere-ocean general circulation models (e.g., meridional shifts in zonal winds, increases in ocean stratification, and changes in phenology). In the past, changes in primary production, carbon export, the structure of food webs, and fisheries have often correlated with simple physical climate measures such as SST. However, these relationships rarely reflect an understanding of the actual mechanisms relating the environment to the physics. My recent research questions whether reliance on past correlations is appropriate for prediction of future conditions; the empirical relationships between biological and physical processes may differ as the earth system is perturbed in a manner not observed over the past century.

Key areas of interest:

  • mechanisms of fisheries-climate interactions

  • atmospheric forcing of marine biogeochemistry (e.g., oxygen, pH, nutrient cycling) and ecosystems
  • size spectra of phytoplankton and zooplankton communties; size-structured interactions
  • large-scale and long-term changes to marine environments
  • nonlinear relationships between physics and ecosystems
  • dynamics of upwelling systems, eastern boundary currents, and small pelagic fish populations
  • ecology of marine zooplankton; mediation of trophic transfers (physics-chemistry-phytoplankton-zooplankton-fish)



Ph.D. Oceanography Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. La Jolla, CA. Advisor: Dr. David M. Checkley, Jr.



Marine Science and Biology          (with Chemistry minor) University of Miami. Coral Gables, FL. Advisor: Dr. Donald B. Olson.

Graduate Research Program at USC

My group at the University of South Carolina
is actively recruiting prospective graduate students an postdoctoral researchers who are
interested in the responses of
marine ecosystems to climate variability
and change.  Please contact me by email at to discuss
opportunities.  Graduate appointments are
available in both the School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment and the Department of Biological Sciences.


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(with *graduate- and **undergraduate-student first authors)

Rykaczewski BONGO tow for zooplankton, CCE-LTER, CalCOFI

BONGO towing for zooplankton

Photo courtesy of Andrew L. King