GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Presentations, Seminars, and External Talks (2008)

10/1/2007 Ramaswamy Radiative Forcing Climate: Uncertainties and Gaps World Climate Research Programs/International Geosphere-Biosphere Program/Global
Climate Observing System Workshop
Sydney Australia
10/5/2007 Held The Response of the Hydrological Cycle to Global Warming Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center Symposium Berkeley, CA
10/9/2007 Winton Considering Arctic Sea Ice Stability Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY
10/9/2007 Ginoux Aerosol Modeling at GFDL NOAA Atmospheric Chemical Modeling Workshop Boulder, CO
10/10/2007 Dunne Implementation of Ocean Acidification Parameterizations in Global Modes. Ocean Acidification Workshop San Diego, CA
10/11/2007 Dixon Using Computer Models to Investigate the Role of the Ocean in Global
Climate Change and Learning About Earth’s Climate via a Synthesis of Observations,
Theory, and Computer Modeling.
2007 Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference Los Angeles, CA
10/20/2007 Ginoux Analysis of Dust Transport and Deposition to Antarctica Observed by
the A-Train Instruments, Measured In Ice Core Data, and Simulated with the
GFDL Model.
A-Train Symposium and VI-Aerocom Meeting Lille, France
10/26/2007 Donner Toward AM3: GFDL’s Next-Generation Atmospheric General Circulation Model High Resolution Modeling Workshop of the Atmosphere Workshop Reading, United Kingdom
10/29/2007 Gnanadesikan Ventilation Variability in the North Pacific as Simulated by a Coupled
Climate Model
North Pacific Marine Science Organization Annual Meeting Victoria, Canada
10/30/2007 Donner Toward AM3: GFDL’s Next-Generation Atmospheric General Circulation Model UK Met Office Seminar Exeter, United Kingdom
11/1/2007 Knutson Hurricanes and Climate Change 10 International Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting and Coastal
Oahu, HI
11/6/2007 Knutson Hurricanes in a Changing Climate: Key Issues and Remaining Challenges National Academies’ Climate Research Committee Washington DC
11/6/2007 Stern Simulating Equatorial Convective Waves and the MJO in GCMs at GFDL Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) Workshop – New Approaches to Meet the
Challenges of the MJO
Irvine, CA
11/7/2007 Dixon Computer Modeling of the Global Climate and its Role in the Assessment
of Climate Change.
Northeast Regional Operational Workshop Albany, NY
11/8/2007 Gross NOAA/DOE Partnership on HPC Climate Working Group Meeting Washington DC
11/13/2007 Hallberg Impact of Jackson Parameterization in CM2.2 Gravity Current Entertainment Climate Process Team Meeting Miami, FL
11/13/2007 Levy 1)Ozone, Soot and Sulfate at the Intersection of Climate 2)Air Quality,
Regional Radiative Forcing 3) Regional Climate: Science and Policy Issues
University of Maryland and University of Virginia College Park, MD and Charlottesville, VA
11/16/2007 Delworth Abrupt Climate Change NOAA Climate Program Office New York, NY
11/19/2007 Ramaswamy Aerosol – Climate Interactions: A Modeling Perspective Diamond Jubilee Celebration – International Symposium on Aerosol-Chemistry
Climate Interaction
Ahmadabad, India
11/26/2007 Ramaswamy Radiative Forcing Agents World Climate Research Program/International Center for Theoretical
Physics Workshop
Trieste, Italy
11/27/2007 Vecchi Tropical Pacific Signature of Global Warming CLIVAR Workshop on Western Tropical Pacific Guangzhou, China
12/18/2007 Winton Does the Arctic Sea Ice Have A Tipping Point? Harvard University Cambridge, MA
1/12/2008 Held Large-scale Atmospheric Dynamics and Global Warming University of Miami Miami, FL
1/20/2008 Knutson Is There a Discernible Human Influence on Hurricane? American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA
1/23/2008 Donner Microphysics in Climate Modeling American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA
1/27/2008 Knutson Is There a Discernible Human Influence on Hurricane? International Detection Attribution Group Boulder, CO
2/19/2008 Knutson Hurricanes and Climate Change University of Miami Miami, FL
3/2/2008 Donner Global Indirect Effects of Aerosol Indirect Forcing: IPCC and Beyond
(Lifetime Effect)
Dahlen Conference Frankfurt, Germany
3/2/2008 Delworth Decadal Predictability of the AMOC as Simulated in the GFDL CM2.1 Model Ocean Science Meeting 2008 Orlando, FL
3/2/2008 Dunne Coupling Between the C,N,FE,SI,CA and Lithogenic Cycles in a Global
Ocean Biogeochemical and Ecological Model
Ocean Science Meeting 2008 Orlando, FL
3/2/2008 Zhang Impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on North Pacific Climate
Ocean Science Meeting 2008 Orlando, FL
3/10/2008 Griffies Physical Problems in Simulating the Global Ocean Climate American Physical Society Condensed Matter Meeting Washington DC
3/12/2008 Toggweiler What the Ice Ages Are Trying to Tell Us About Climate Sensitivity? Leverhulme Symposium Cambridge, UK
4/8/2008 Knutson Have Humans Affected Atlantic Hurricane Climate? Bahamas Weather Conference Grand Bahamas Island, Bahamas
4/12/2008 Donner On the Importance for Modeling the general circulation of Closure Theory
for Cumulus Parameterization
European Geosciences Union Annual Meeting Vienna, Austria
4/21/2008 Ramaswamy Role of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Changes in Asian Monsoon System International Workshop on Anthropogenic Changes of Asian Monsoon Nanjing, China
4/27/2008 Bender Improvements to the Navy’s Version of the GFDL Tropical Cyclone Model
(GFUN) and Evaluation of its Prediction Skill
American Meteorological Society Hurricane Conference Orlando, FL
5/6/2008 Bewtra Workload Management: Collaborative Approaches for Increased User Efficiencies DICE Alliance 2008 Mason, OH
5/16/2008 Dixon Forecasting Climate Change Scripps Howard Institute for the Environmental Workshop for Reporters Jupiter, FL
5/20/2008 Donner Toward AM3: GFDL’s Next-Generation Atmospheric General Circulation Model National Centers for Environmental Prediction /Goddard Space Flight
Greenbelt and Camp Springs, MD
5/23/2008 Field North America as a Source and Receptor of Hemispheric Ozone Pollution:
Seasonal Variability, Uncertainties, and Policy Implications
Joint Assembly-American Geophysical Union Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/27/2008 Ramaswamy Role of Anthropogenic Aerosols in the 20th Century Climate Change American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/29/2008 Vecchi Indonesian Throughflow in the GFDL Model INSTANT Workshop at Lamont Doherty Earth Lab in NY Palisades, NY
6/4/2008 Hallberg Impact of Overflow and Stratified Shear Mixing on the Antarctic Circumpolar
Southern Ocean Workshop Oxford, UK
6/5/2008 Ramaswamy Global Warming Potential in AR 4 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change /Subsidiary Body
for Scientific and Technological Advice /Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change Meeting
Bonn, Germany
6/9/2008 Knutson Climate Change and Hurricanes Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalist Narragansett Bay, RI
6/10/2008 Knutson Climate Change and Hurricanes University of Rhode Island-Narragansett Bay Narragansett Bay, RI
6/17/2008 Wittenberg Natural Modulation of ENSO in the GFDL CM2.1 Coupled GCM Community Climate System Model Workshop Breckenridge, CO
6/17/2008 Vecchi Changes to Large-scale Circulation and Global Warming Climate Symposium at the Monte Veritas Center Zurich, Switzerland
6/29/2008 Dixon Aspen Global Change Institute Exploring Decadal Predictability in GFDL’s CM2.1 Model Aspen, CO
6/28/2008 Field Hemispheric Transport of Ozone Pollution: Multi-Model Assessment of
the Role of Methane and the Conventional Ozone Precursors
Quadrennial Ozone Symposium Tromso, Norway
6/29/2008 Delworth US-Japan Workshop on Global Change Decadal Predictability and Prediction, Using the GFDL CM 2.1 Climate
Boulder, CO
7/24/2008 Vecchi Global Warming and Tropical Circulation, Indo-Pacific Ocean Changes
and Global Warming
American Geophysical Union’s West Pacific Geophysics Meeting Cairns, Australia