GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Presentations, Seminars, & External Talks (2012)

10/3/2011 Ming, Yi Proposal for inter-comparing aerosol indirect effects Aerocom Workshop Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan
10/14/2011 Knutson, Thomas Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change The Florida Climate Institute Tallahassee, FL
10/15/2011 Lau, Ngar-Cheung The Science of Climate Change and Recent Progress in Climate Change Research WMO working Group on Tropical Meteorological Research Beijing and Hong Kong, China
10/17/2011 Donner, Leo Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Climate Models WGNE and WCRP Open Science Conference Boulder and Denver, CO
10/19/2011 Stouffer, Ronald WGCM: CMIP uptake; CLIVAR: Land use in GFDL ESMs; UA: Role of carbon in climate change WGCM meeting, CLIVAR Science Conference, U Arizona Boulder and Denver, CO; Tuscon,AZ
10/24/2011 Knutson, Thomas Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change WCRP Open Science Conference Denver,CO
10/25/2011 Rosati, Anthony Coupled Model Data Assimilation WCRP Open Science Conference Denver,CO
10/25/2011 Dixon, Keith Ocean Circulation features of the GFDL CM2.6 and CM2.5 high-resolution global coupled climate models WCRP Open Science Conference Denver,CO
10/25/2011 Wittenberg, Andrew Assessing ENSO risks for the coming decade WCRP Open Science Conference Denver, CO
10/30/2012 Ramaswamy, V Addressing the leading scientific challenges in climate modeling Third Santa Fe Conference on Global and Regional Climate Change Santa Fe, NM
11/03/2011 Vecchi, Gabriel Hurricanes and Climate University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA
12/05/2011 Dunne, John Historical and 21st Century projection of ocean acidification, its impacts on aragonite and calcite and aragonite cycling and subsequent feedbacks in an ESM Fall 2011 AGU Conference San Francisco, CA
12/06/2011 Ming, Yi A Multi-scale Perspective on Arctic Aerosols and Aerosols-induced Circulation Change Fall 2011 AGU Conference San Francisco, CA
12/14/2011 Griffies, Stephen Developments with MOM CESM Ocean Working Group Meeting Boulder, CO
12/14/2011 Westley, Marian Summary of Recent Formal Reports and Statements on Climate Engineering NOAA State of Science Silver Spring, MD
1/11/2012 Hallberg, Robert NOAA/CPO Workshop Panel Discussion on Climate Science and Impact Assessment Charleston, SC
1/12/2012 Vecchi, Gabriel Ability to Predict Extreme Tropical Cyclones in the Coming Decade National Research Council Panel on Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Political & Social Stresses Washington DC
1/13/2012 Griffies, Stephen Core interannual simulations at GFDL CLIVAR Panel Meeting Venice, Italy
1/14/2012 Ramaswamy, V. Advances in Climate Modeling and Scientist Understanding Climate Change Workshop at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Saudi Arabia
1/18/2012 Stern, William Impact of Resolution, Physical Parameterization and Coupling on the Representation of Tropical Tropical Dynamics and MJO Workshop Honolulu, HI
2/9/2012 Knutson, Thomas Status Report on GFDL’s Hurricane/Climate Dynamical Downscaling Studies Willis Research Network London, England
2/14/2012 Knutson, Thomas Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change: Indian Ocean Perspective 2nd International Conference on Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones & Climate Change New Delhi, India
2/14/2012 Vecchi, Gabriel Hurricane Predictions and Projections Reinsurance Association of America’s 2012 Catastrophe Modeling Conference Orlando, FL
2/18/2012 Ramaswamy, V. Introduction to Non-CO2 and Aerosols and their Climate Effect AAA’s Vancouver, Canada
2/20/2012 Ramaswamy, V. What on earth are aerosols doing? Golden Jubilee of the Indian Institute Pune, India
2/23/2012 Dunne, John Ocean Uptake of Anthropogenic Heat and Carbon in Two Earth System AGU/ASLO/TOS Ocean Sciences Meeting Salt Lake City, UT
2/26/2012 Ramaswamy, V. What on Earth is Aerosols Doing? Golden Jubilee of Indian Institute and NOAA India Delhi, India
3/5/2012 Toggweiler, J.R. Organization of the Ocean’s Overturning Circulation Kaplan Workshop Jerusalem, Israel
3/7/2012 Bender, Morris Upgrades to 2012 GFDL/GFON Operational Model IHC Conference Charleston, SC
3/7/2012 Winton, Michael Connecting Changing Ocean Circulation with Changing Climate AOSS Department Seminar Ann Arbor, MI
3/14/2012 Donner, Leo Using ARM SGP Variational Analysis to Evaluate a PDF-Based Parameterization DOE ASR Science Team Meeting Arlington, VA
3/21/2012 Delworth, Thomas GFDL Climate Program Overview ESPC Workshop Silver Spring, MD
3/22/2012 Donner, Leo GFDL’s Latent-Generation Coupled Climate Model CM3 Workshop on Physics of Weather and Climate Models at Cal Tech/JPL Pasadena, CA
3/30/2012 Dixon, Keith From “Best Available” Science to “Actionable Science”: Using Climate Model Results Climate Change Seminar for Broadcast Meteorologists & Weathercasters Oxford, MD
4/11/2012 Stock, Charles Marine Ecosystem Model NIMBios Working Group on Modeling Viral Effects on Global Biogeochemical Cycles Knoxville, TN
4/17/2012 Marchok, Tim Evaluation of a GFDL Hurricane Model Ensemble Forecast System 30th AMS Conference on Hurricanes & Tropical Meteorology Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
4/20/2012 Ming, Yi Anthropogenic aerosols and the weakening of the South Asian monsoon EGU Annual Meeting Vienna, Austria
4/20/2012 Vecchi, Gabriel Tropical Changes in CMIP5 Historical and Projected Climate Experiments and Hurricanes and Climate CMIP5 Model Analysis Workshop and Int. Workshop. On Climate Change and HPC Honolulu and Maui, HI
5/2/2012 Stock, Charles Modeling global scale patterns in the flow of energy through plankton food webs MIT Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate Meeting with Northeast Fisheries Science Center, EPA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Cambridge, MA
5/7/2012 Zhang, Shaoqing Reanalyzed Oceanic Variability of 1960-2010 by GFDL’s EDA System 4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalyses Silver Spring, MD
5/11/2012 Stock, Charles On the use of IPCC-Class Models to assess the impact of climate on Living Marine Resources International Symposium “Effect of Climate on the World’s Oceans” Yeosu, Korea
5/20/2012 Ramaswamy, V Climate Sensitivity Aspen Global Change Institute “Climate Sensitivity on Decadal to Century Timescales Implications for Civilization” Aspen, CO
5/21/2012 Dixon, Keith Data and information cascades: From global climate models to local decision support Gulf of Mexico Climate Data & Scenarios Workshop Baton Rouge, LA
5/29/2012 Ginoux, Paul Natural and anthropogenic dust sources in North Africa Dust, Climate, & Health in Sub-Saharan Africa Palisades, NY
6/11/2012 John, Jasmin Biases in GFDL ESMS EMBRACE 1st General Assembly Paris, France
6/18/2012 Griffies, Stephen Sea level in ocean climate models NCAR Annual Community Earth System Model Meeting Breckenridge, CO
6/25/2012 Wilson, R. John Marian dust storms, thermal tides and the Hadley Circulation Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets Meeting Boulder, CO
7/16/2012 Stock, Charles Projected climate change trends in physical properties along NE United States NMFS Northeast Regional Office Protected Resources Division Climate Change Workshop Gloucester, MA
7/18/2012 Stock, Charles Projected impacts of climate change on primary and secondary production River Herring Workshop Gloucester, MA
7/20/2012 Ramaswamy, V GFDL research on aerosols and monsoons Meeting with NASA, Scripps, and U. Maryland on Aerosols and Monsoons College Park, MD
7/30/2012 Delworth, Thomas Seasonal to decadal to centennial models at GFDL NOAA Climate Working Group Meeting Washington, DC
7/30/2012 Ramaswamy, V A key short-lived climate forcing agent NOAA Climate Working Group Meeting Washington, DC
8/4/2012 Paynter, David The impact of the water vapor continuum upon global energy budget International Radiation Symposium Berlin, Germany
8/6/2012 Knutson, Thomas Tropical cyclones and climate change Conference on Dynamics & Predictability of Impact Weather & Climate Events Kunming, China
8/10/2012 Ramaswamy, V Advances in global modeling for the scientific understanding of the air quality-climate nexus Air Quality and Climate Symposium Boulder, CO
8/13/2012 Ming, Yi Anthropogenic aerosols and the weakening of the South Asian monsoon AOGS-AGU (WPMG) Joint Assembly Singapore
8/15/2012 Rosati, Anthony AMOC in GFDL high resolution models US AMOC Science Meeting Boulder, CO
8/15/2012 Delworth, Thomas Simulated AMOC variability and change in the GFDL CM2.5 high resolution coupled model US AMOC Science Meeting Boulder, CO
8/21/2012 Hallberg, Robert Physical parameterizations for multiscale ocean models Isaac Newton Institute Programme on Multiscale Numerics for the Atmosphere & Ocean Cambridge, UK
8/21/2012 Dunne, John Modeling ocean acidification within coral reef ecosystems Coral Reef Ocean Acidification Monitoring

Portfolio Workshop

Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/29/2012 Ramaswamy, V Climate and Earth System Sciences: Use-inspired Research & Advancing the Frontiers OAR, AA, DAAS, Climate Communication Team, Climate Program Office Seminar Silver Spring, MD
9/9/2012 Donner, Leo Using GCSS SCM cases and continuous ARM observations to evaluate PDF-based parameterization for clouds & boundary layers Global Atmospheric System Studies Meeting Boulder, CO
9/10/2012 Zhang, Shaoqing Parameter estimation in coupled models: Opportunities and challenges European Space Agency Coupled Data Assimilation Workshop Reading, UK
9/12/2012 Knutson, Thomas Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change Attribution of Climate & Weather Extremes: Assessing, Anticipating, & Communicating Climate Risks Oxford, UK
9/17/2012 Zhang, Rong AMOC and Climate NTU International Science Conference on Climate Change: Multidecadal & Beyond Taipei, Taiwan
9/23/2012 Griffies, Stephen Sea level as an ocean physics problem: Developments with MOM University of South Wales Sydney, Australia
9/24/2012 Stouffer, Ronald Various CMIP reports plus early results from GFDL CMIP5 runs WGCM Meeting Hamburg, Germany
9/28/2012 Wilson, R. John 1) Thermal tides as revealed by Mars Climate Sounder and 2) The role of thermal tides in the Martian Dust Cycle European Planetary Science Congress 2012 Madrid, Spain