GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Shaoqing Zhang

Shaoqing Zhang


Princeton University

201 Forrestal Road

Princeton, NJ 08542


609-987-5063 (FAX)

Research Interests

  • Coupled data assimilation
  • Climate model parameter optimization
  • Climate prediction and predictability

Publications: 2001-2013

Publications: before 2001

  • Zou, X., K. Sriskandarajah, W. Yu and S. Zhang, 2001: Eliminating
    finite-amplitude non-physical oscillation in the time evolution of
    adjoint model solutions introduced by the leapfrog time-integration
    scheme. Tellus, 35A, pp578-584.

  • Zhang, S., X. Zou, J. Ahlquist, I. M. Navon and J. G. Sela,
    2000: Use of differentiable and nondifferentiable optimization
    algorithms for variational data assimilation with discontinuous cost
    functions. Mon. Wea. Rev., Vol.129, pp4031-4044.

  • Zhang, S. and H. Liu, 1996: Characteristics of mean meridional
    circulations induced by various forcing factors and their contributions
    to systematic errors of NWP Model. SCIENTIA ATMOSPHERICA SINICA, No.1,

  • Zhang, S., H. Liu and G. Wu, 1996: Diagnosis of NWP systematic
    errors in zonal mean Circulations. ACTA METEOROLOGICA SINICA, No.3,


  • Ph.D. Florida State University (, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science (, 2000

  • M.S. Florida State University (, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science (,1998
  • B.S. Nanjing University, Atmospheric Sciences (, 1985