GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Snow event                                                                                                            measurement      amount          cumulative

                                                                                                                                    site                 (in)                    (in)

12/5/2009          the first snow event of the season occurred in the afternoon.            observers              1.0                 1.0

                          elevation largely determined the snow amounts, with up to              ds=0.6; rgg=1.7;

                          8″ in northwest New Jersey (Sussex)                                              ajb=0.9;snf=0.8;


12/19/2009       the second snow event of the season was a massive nor’easter.      ds =12.4;             12.6                13.6

                         affecting the area from North Carolina to Massuchesetts.                  rgg=18.3;

                         largest amounts included:  25.7″ (Folsom NJ);                                 snf=10.3;

                        23.3″ Philadelphia (PHL); 27.5″( E Patchogue NY);                          wfs=11.3;

                        26.0″ (Baltic CT). Rich Hemler (GFDL, not an observer) had 23″       ajb=10.9

12/31/2009       the first part of a massive system which eventually retrograded         GFDL                   1.1                14.7

                         from Nova Scotia to near Boston, and produced ~12″ in

                         that area, only produced a modest accumulation here.

1/8/2010          an upper air disturbance gave modest accumulation in the               GFDL                   0.9                15.6

                        morning. largest amounts were well to our south (Lewes DE 2.6″)

1/28/2010       a storm to our north produced a brief period of snow. larger                GFDL                  0.2                15.8

                        amounts (up to 3.0″) were recorded in Hunterdon County.

1/30/2010       Central NJ was on the northern fringe of a storm which                       ds=0.2;snf=0.1;     0.3                16.1

                      produced large accumulations to our south (10.0″ in Cape                 wfs=0.1;rgg=1.0;

                      May, up to 14″ near Richmond VA)                                                    ajb=T

2/3/2010         A small storm produced moderate amounts both north  of us                GFDL                 1.0                17.1

                      (3″-4″) and south of us  (3.5″ in Cape May, 6″ near DC) but little

                      in central NJ

2/5-6/2010    Two storms, one originating in the Gulf of Mexico and the second       ds=msg; snf=7.3;   10.8              27.9

                     in the midwest, combined to cause massive snowfalls in the mid-       ajb=7.1; rgg=17.1;

                     Atlantic and midwest regions. Some totals:                                        wfs=11.5

                      12-15″ OH; 21″ metro Pittsburgh; 24-32″ DC area; 22-34″

                      Baltimore area; 28.5 PHL; T in NYC. IN NJ, largest amount was

                     28.5″ National Park (near PHL).  IN central NJ a sharp gradient

                     occurred, as shown by the observer reports.

2/9-10/2010  Another combination of a Gulf of Mexico storm and one deriving      ds=15.0; snf=15.5;   16.1             44.0

                     from a disturbance diving southeastward from central Canada          ajb=14.1;wfs=16.8;

                    produced the largest storm of the year (and century). In this               rgg=18.9

                    area there were two periods of heavy wet snow, with rain and

                    sleet in between. The larger second episode included thunder-

                    snow and hourly snow totals exceeding 3″. Some totals:

                    NJ: largest was 18.7″ (Ewing); PA: 27.9″ Adams Co.(Orrtama).

                    NY: 17.0 (Great Kills, Staten Isl.). City totals: 10.0 (NYC);

                    15.8 (PHL, week total 44.3″); 22″ York PA (week total 46″);

                    about 20: BAL (week total ~48″); about 15″ DC (week total


2/15-16/2010  A disturbance form the midwest produced a secondary low in VA   first stage:               1.5              46.3

                     which progressed east of NJ. An upper air low passed over NJ        ds=1.2;snf=1.3;

                     later. This resulted in another two-stage storm. The first stage            wfs=2.0;ajb=2.3;

                     was measured by the observers, the second stage at GFDL.            rgg=0.5

                                                                                                                          second stage           0.8

2/22/2010    A coastal disturbance began as snow before turning to rain              ajb=0.3;wfs=0,3;       0.2              46.5


2/25-26/2010  A gulf coast storm , energized by an upper air disturbance           rgg=7.8;wfs=8.7;        7.7              54.2
                   from the midwest combined to produce a unique storm                    ajb=9.4;snf=6.8;
                   reminiscent of the famous blizzard of 1888 in some places.               ds=5.9
                   some highlights:
                   rainfall of 5-8″ in Maine (top 8.38″)
                   area with maximum snowfall extended northwestward from
                   NYC (20.9″) to the Hudson highlands and Catskills (up to 34″)
                   in NJ, largest amount was 28″ in West Milford. The central
                   NJ area escaped the brunt of the storm, but still had
                   amounts as given by the observers.

2/27-28/2010   Bands of snow deriving from the previous storm produced                                             T            54.2
                    trace amounts on both days.