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Stuart Evans

sevansPostdoctoral Research Associate

Princeton Environmental Institute

GFDL Atmospheric Physics and Climate Group

Phone: (609) 452-5851


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Research Interests

I am interested in the long-term variability of dust and its impacts on the climate system, particularly on dyndustprecipitation.  My work at GFDL has focused on the development and application of a new dust emission parameterization that incorporates information regarding soil moisture and vegetation.  This new approach better reproduces observed dust variability at a range of timescales by allowing dust emission to respond to rainfall anomalies, such as those created by ENSO.  I am especially interested in how the radiative effects of dust in the atmospheric column can suppress convection, thus amplifying drought conditions in a positive feedback loop.  I am engaged in collaborations regarding the role of dust in the location of the ITCZ, fertilization of the Southern Ocean, and deposition over Antarctica.

Previously, my doctoral work focused on the use of a clustering algorithm to create sets of regional atmospheric states for the central US and northern Australia.  In the central US, these states were a valuable tool for diagnosing the sources of cloud occurrence bias in GFDL’s AM3 model.  The Australian states proved capable of defining active periods of the Australian monsoon, describing themonsoon’s relationship with the MJO, and explaining the long-term precipitation trend at Darwin.