GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

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GCM Family Tree

GCM Family Tree

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Modeling Groups & Histories:

  • BMRC: Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (Australia)
  • COLA: Center for Ocean-Land Atmosphere Studies (USA)
  • ECMWF: European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts
  • GFDL: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (USA) [HISTORY]
  • GISS: Goddard Institute for Space Studies (USA)
  • GLA: Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres (USA)
  • LLNL: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (USA) [HISTORY]
  • MPI: Max Planck Institut (Germany)
  • MRI: Meteorological Research Institute (Japan)
  • NCAR: National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA) [HISTORY]
  • NMC: National Meteorological Center (USA)
  • NTU: National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
  • UKMO: United Kingdom Meteorological Office {Now the "Met Office"} (UK)
  • UCLA: University of California Los Angeles (USA) [HISTORY]