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GFDL Laboratory Review – Guiding Documents

The NOAA Strategic Plan establishes its vision, its mission, and the
strategic goals toward which all agency functions are aimed. The plan guides
management decisions by providing a consistent framework for Line Office,
Staff Office, and cross-organizational plans, initiatives, and performance
measures. The 5-Year Research Plan supports the four mission goal areas
identified in the NOAA Strategic Plan – Ecosystems, Climate, Weather and
Water, and Commerce and Transportation – while underscoring the importance
of research that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The 5-Year
Research Plan includes milestones for NOAA’s research that are aimed at
improving products and information services in the near term, while
the 20-Year Research Vision adopts a longer-term perspective of the environmental
and ecological challenges our nation faces and the technological and scientific
advances needed to help meet those challenges.

Guiding documents