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Data Visualizations

Sea surface temperature (SST) simulation

These animations are offered as examples of scientific research results, to convey complex information in graphic form.

Redistribution of these materials is permitted, but we ask that NOAA/GFDL be credited as the source, and that we be informed of the usage. Please also see our Disclaimers and Privacy Policy.

For questions, please contact:

Maria Setzer
Lead, Communications and Outreach

(609) 452-6643

You can also create visualizations with some of GFDL’s climate data using NOAA’s data exploration tool, NOAAView.


  • Aerosols and Clouds
  • Climate Diagnostics (Ocean Observation and Modeling (LEVITUS), Upper Tropospheric Relative Humidity)
  • Climate Prediction (Surface Air Temperature Anomalies, Water Flow, Arctic Sea Ice Changes, El Niño Forecasting)
  • Hurricanes (Mitch, Floyd, Isabel, 2004 Hurricane Season Model Forecasts, Katrina)
  • Mesoscale Dynamics (Mesoscale Circulation Modeling, Cyclones & Storms)
  • Oceans (Ocean Surface Temperature, Ocean Surface Salinity, Ocean Surface Speed)