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GFDL Operating Status

GFDL is open. However, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), GFDL is following Department of Commerce, NOAA, and CDC guidelines for facility access. As these guidelines change, GFDL facility access requirements will be updated. The following are the current guidelines:

  • For non-resident contractor access, prior to coming to GFDL send an email to Whit Anderson with a copy to your Division Leader and Lisa Allen to request access for your non-resident contractor guest. If your access request is granted, Lisa will coordinate with the contractor and otherwise arrange entry.
  • Meetings, seminars, conferences, and workshops at GFDL will be held remotely.
  • Visitor access to GFDL is not permitted.
  • Continuity of Operations and Emergency Response Group Employees will receive separate guidance from their supervisors.

GFDL will assess conditions and make any necessary changes.

During this period, GFDL leadership, Division Leaders, and peers will communicate mainly by way of email and or telephone as needed to groups and individuals.

Changes to GFDL’s status will be updated to GFDL’s Notices Web Page and may also be found at the following:

  • GFDL’s Toll-Free Status Line: 1-877-627-4335, or
  • Computer Operations: 609-452-6560

This message was last updated at 15:30 PM on 05/23/2022