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Most Recent GFDL Publications

September – November 2021

  1. Abalos, M., Calvo, N., Benito-Barca, S., Garny, H., Hardiman, S. C., Lin, P., et al. (2021). The Brewer-Dobson circulation in CMIP6. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(17), 13571-13591.
  2. Callaghan, M., Schleussner, C.-F., Nath, S., Lejeune, Q., Knutson, T. R., et al. (2021). Machine-learning-based evidence and attribution mapping of 100,000 climate impact studiesNature Climate Change.
  3. Chen, H.-C., Jin, F.-F., Zhao, S., Wittenberg, A. T., & Xie, S. (2021). ENSO dynamics in the E3SM-1-0, CESM2, and GFDL-CM4 climate models. Journal of Climate, 34(23), 9365-9384.
  4. Cheng, W., Hermann, A., Hollowed, A. B., Holsman, K., Kearney, K. A., Pilcher, D. J., Stock, C. A., & Aydin, K. Y. (2021). Eastern Bering Sea shelf environmental and lower trophic level responses to climate forcing: Results of dynamical downscaling from CMIP6. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 193.
  5. Chu, W., Lin, Y., & Zhao, M. (2021). Implementation and evaluation of a double-plume convective parameterization in NCAR CAM5. Journal of Climate.
  6. Gao, K., Harris, L., Zhou, L., Bender, M. A., & Morin, M. J. (2021). On the sensitivity of hurricane intensity and structure to horizontal tracer advection schemes in FV3. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 78(9), 3007-3021.
  7. Jeevanjee, N., Seeley, J. T., Paynter, D. J., & Fueglistaler, S. (2021). An analytical model for spatially varying clear-sky CO2 forcing. Journal of Climate, 34(23), 9463-9480.
  8. Jing, R., Lin, N., Emanuel, K. A., Vecchi, G. A, & Knutson, T. R. (2021). A comparison of tropical cyclone projections in a high-resolution global climate model and from downscaling by statistical and statistical-deterministic methods. Journal of Climate, 34(23).
  9. Kang, S. M., Xie, S.-P., Deser, C., & Xiang, B. (2021). Zonal mean and shift modes of historical climate response to evolving aerosol distribution. Science Bulletin, 66(23), 2405-2411.
  10. Khatri, H., Griffies, S. M., et al. (2021). Role of mixed-layer instabilities in the seasonal evolution of eddy kinetic energy spectra in a global submesoscale permitting simulation. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(18).
  11. Klose, M., Jorba, O., Gonçalves Ageitos, M., Escribano, J., Dawson, M. L., Obiso, V., Di Tomaso, E., Basart, S., Montané Pinto, G., Macchia, F., & Ginoux, P., et al. (2021). Mineral dust cycle in the Multiscale Online Nonhydrostatic AtmospheRe CHemistry model (MONARCH) version 2.0. Geoscientific Model Development, 14(10), 6403–6444. https://doi.org10.5194/gmd-14-6403-2021.
  12. Lee, J., Planton, Y. Y., Gleckler, P. J., Sperber, K. R., Guilyardi, E., Wittenberg, A. T., McPhaden, M. J., & Pallotta, G. (2021). Robust evaluation of ENSO in climate models: How many ensemble members are needed? Geophysical Research Letters, 48(20).
  13. Liu, X., Stock, C. A., Dunne, J. P., Lee, M., Shevliakova, E., Malyshev, S., & Milly, P. C. D. (2021). Simulated global coastal ecosystem responses to a half-century increase in river nitrogen loads. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(17).
  14. Marchok, T. (2021). Important factors in the tracking of tropical cyclones in operational models. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 60(9), 1265-1284.
  15. McDougall, T. J., Barker, P. M., Holmes, R. M., Pawlowicz, R., Griffies, S. M., & Durack, P. J. (2021). The interpretation of temperature and salinity variables in numerical ocean model output and the calculation of heat fluxes and heat content. Geoscientific Model Development14(10).
  16. McKim, B. A., Jeevanjee, N., & Vallis, G. K. (2021). Joint dependence of longwave feedback on surface temperature and relative humidity. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(18).
  17. Melet, A., Hallberg, R., & Marshall, D. (2021). Role of ocean mixing in climate change. In Ocean Mixing: Drivers, Mechanisms and Impacts [Meredith, M. P. and A. Naraveira Garabato (eds.)], Elsevier.
  18. Nazzaro, L., Slesinger, E., Kohut, J., Saba, G. K., & Saba, V. S. (2021). Sensitivity of marine fish thermal habitat models to fishery data sources. Ecology and Evolution.
  19. Pascale, S.Kapnick, S. B.Delworth, T. L., Hidalgo, H. G., & Cooke, W. F. (2021). Natural variability vs forced signal in the 2015–2019 Central American drought. Climatic Change168, 16.
  20. Power, S. B., Lengaigne, M., Capotondi, A., Khodri, M., Vialard, J., Jebri, B., Guilyardi, E., McGregor, S., Kug, J.-S., Newman, M., McPhaden, M. J., Meehl, G. A., Smith, D., Cole, J., Emile-Geay, J., Vimont, D., Wittenberg, A. T., et al. (2021). Decadal climate variability in the tropical Pacific: Characteristics, causes, predictability, and prospects. Science, 374(6563).
  21. Ramaswamy, V., Ming, Y., & Schwarzkopf, M. D. (2021). Forcing of global hydrological changes in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In A. Pandey, S. Kumar, & A. Kumar (Eds). Hydrological Aspects of Climate Change (pp. 61-76). Springer, Singapore.
  22. Sand, M., Samset, B. H., Myhre, G., Gliß, J., Bauer, S. E., Bian, H., Chin, M., Checa-Garcia, R., Ginoux, P., et al. (2021). Aerosol absorption in global models from AeroCom phase III. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(20), 15929-15947.
  23. Smyth, J. E. & Ming, Y. (2021). Investigating the impact of land surface characteristics on monsoon dynamics with idealized model simulations and theories. Journal of Climate, 34(19), 7943-7958.
  24. Song, Q., Zhang, Z., Yu, H., Ginoux, P., & Shen, J. (2021). Global dust optical depth climatology derived from CALIOP and MODIS aerosol retrievals on decadal timescales: Regional and interannual variability. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(17), 13369-13395.
  25. Su, W., Liang, L., Myhre, G., Thorsen, T. J., Loeb, N. G., Schuster, G. L., Ginoux, P., Paulot, F., et al. (2021). Understanding top-of-atmosphere flux bias in the AeroCom phase III models: A clear-sky perspective. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 13(9).
  26. Tittensor, D. P., Novaglio, C., Harrison, C. S., Heneghan, R. F., Barrier, N., Bianchi, D., Bopp, L., Bryndum-Buchholz, A., Britten, G. L., Büchner, M., Cheung, W. W. L., Christensen, V., Coll, M., Dunne, J. P., Eddy, T. D., Everett, J. D., Fernandes-Salvador, J. A., Fulton, E. A., Galbraith, E. D., Gascuel, D., Guiet, J., John, J. G., Link, J. S., Lotze, H. K., Maury, O., Ortega-Cisneros, K., Palacios-Abrantes, J., Petrik, C. M., du Pontavice, H., Rault, J., Richardson, A. J., Shannon, L, Shin, Y.-J., Steenbeek, J., Stock, C. A., & Blanchard, J. L. (2021). Next-generation ensemble projections reveal higher climate risks for marine ecosystems. Nature Climate Change, 11, 973-981.
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  34. Zhao, M. (2021). A study of AR, TS, and MCS associated precipitation and extreme precipitation in present and warmer climates. Journal of Climate.