GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Most Recent GFDL Publications

January – March 2017

Balaji, V, E Maisonnave, Niki Zadeh, B N Lawrence, J Biercamp, U Fladrich, G Aloisio, Rusty Benson, A Caubel, J W Durachta, M-A Foujols, G Lister, S Mocavero, Seth D Underwood, and Garrett Wright, January 2017: CPMIP: Measurements of Real Computational Performance of Earth System Models. Geoscientific Model Development, 10(1), DOI:10.5194/gmd-10-19-2017 .

Barcikowska, Monika, Thomas R Knutson, and Rong Zhang, January 2017: Observed and simulated fingerprints of multidecadal climate variability, and their contributions to periods of global SST stagnation. Journal of Climate, 30(2), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0443.1 .

Chen, C, M Cane, Andrew T Wittenberg, and D Chen, January 2017: ENSO in the CMIP5 simulations: lifecycles, diversity, and responses to climate change. Journal of Climate, 30(2), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-15-0901.1 .

Fan, Song-Miao, and Xiaosong Yang, January 2017: Arctic and East Asia winter climate variations associated with the Eastern Atlantic Pattern. Journal of Climate, 30(2), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-15-0741.1 .

He, Jie, and Brian J Soden, January 2017: A re-examination of the projected subtropical precipitation decline. Nature Climate Change, 7(1), DOI:10.1038/nclimate3157 .

Khouakhi, A, G Villarini, and Gabriel A Vecchi, January 2017: Contribution of tropical cyclones to rainfall at the global scale. Journal of Climate, 30(1), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0298.1 .

Morse, R E., K D Friedland, Desiree Tommasi, Charles A Stock, and J A Nye, January 2017: Distinct zooplankton regime shift patterns across ecoregions of the U.S. Northeast continental shelf Large Marine Ecosystem. Journal of Marine Systems, 165, DOI:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2016.09.011 .

Murakami, Hiroyuki, Gabriel A Vecchi, Thomas L Delworth, Andrew T Wittenberg, Seth D Underwood, Richard G Gudgel, Xiaosong Yang, Liwei Jia, Fanrong Zeng, Karen Paffendorf, and Wei Zhang, January 2017: Dominant Role of Subtropical Pacific Warming in Extreme Eastern Pacific Hurricane Seasons: 2015 and the Future. Journal of Climate, 30(1), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0424.1 .

Smedsrud, L H., M H Halvorsen, J Stroeve, Rong Zhang, and K Kloster, January 2017: Fram Strait sea ice export variability and September Arctic sea ice extent over the last 80 years. The Cryosphere, 11(1), DOI:10.5194/tc-11-65-2017 .

Zhang, Wei, Gabriel A Vecchi, G Villarini, Hiroyuki Murakami, Anthony Rosati, Xiaosong Yang, Liwei Jia, and Fanrong Zeng, January 2017: Modulation of western North Pacific tropical cyclone activity by the Atlantic Meridional Mode. Climate Dynamics, 48(1-2), DOI:10.1007/s00382-016-3099-2 .