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Most Recent GFDL Publications

August-October 2020

  1. Allen, R J., S Turnock, P Nabat, D Neubauer, Ü Lohmann, D Olivie, N Oshima, M Michou, T Wu, J Zhang, T Takemura, M Schulz, K Tsigaridis, S E Bauer, L K Emmons, Larry W Horowitz, Vaishali Naik, T Van Noije, T Bergman, J F Lamarque, P Zanis, I Tegen, D M Westervelt, P Le Sager, Peter Good, S Shim, F M O’Connor, D Akritidis, A K Georgoulias, M Deushi, Lori T Sentman, S Fujimori, and W J Collins, August 2020: Climate and air quality impacts due to mitigation of non-methane near-term climate forcers. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20(16), DOI:10.5194/acp-20-9641-2020 .
  2. Arora, V, A Katavouta, R G Williams, C Jones, V Brovkin, P Friedlingstein, J Schwinger, L Bopp, O Boucher, P Cadule, M A Chamberlain, J R Christian, C Delire, R A Fisher, T Hajima, T Ilyina, E Joetzjer, M Kawamiya, C D Koven, and John P Krasting, et al., August 2020: Carbon-concentration and carbon-climate feedbacks in CMIP6 models, and their comparison to CMIP5 models. Biogeosciences, 17(16), DOI:10.5194/bg-17-4173-2020 .
  3. Barton, Andrew D., Fernando Gonzalez Taboada, Angus Atkinson, Claire E Widdicombe, and Charles A Stock, August 2020: Integration of temporal environmental variation by the marine plankton community. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 647, DOI:10.3354/meps13432 .
  4. Burger, Friedrich A., Jasmin G John, and Thomas L Frölicher, September 2020: Increase in ocean acidity variability and extremes under increasing atmospheric CO2. Biogeosciences, 17(18), DOI:10.5194/bg-17-4633-2020.
  5. Cano, I M., Elena Shevliakova, and Sergey Malyshev, et al., August 2020: Allometric constraints and competition enable the simulation of size structure and carbon fluxes in a dynamic vegetation model of tropical forests (LM3PPA‐TV)Global Change Biology26(8), DOI:10.1111/gcb.15188.
  6. Crear, D P., B E Watkins, and Vincent S Saba, et al., August 2020: Contemporary and future distributions of cobia, Rachycentron canadumDiversity and Distributions26(8), DOI:10.1111/ddi.13079.
  7. Dong, Wenhao, Yi Ming, and V Ramaswamy, September 2020: Projected Changes in South Asian Monsoon Low-pressure Systems. Journal of Climate, 33(17), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0168.1 7275-7287.
  8. Dunne, John P., Michael Winton, Julio T Bacmeister, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Andrew Gettelman, Jean-Christophe Golaz, Cecile Hannay, Gavin A Schmidt, John P Krasting, L Ruby Leung, Larissa Nazarenko, Lori T Sentman, Ronald J Stouffer, and Jonathan D Wolfe, August 2020: Comparison of equilibrium climate sensitivity estimates from slab ocean, 150-year, and longer simulations. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(16), DOI:10.1029/2020GL088852 .
  9. Dunne, John P., I Bociu, Benjamin Bronselaer, Huan Guo, Jasmin G John, John P Krasting, Charles A Stock, Michael Winton, and Niki Zadeh, October 2020: Simple Global Ocean Biogeochemistry with Light, Iron, Nutrients and Gas version 2 (BLINGv2): Model description and simulation characteristics in GFDL’s CM4.0. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12(10), DOI:10.1029/2019MS002008 .
  10. Frölicher, Thomas L., M T Aschwanden, Nicolas Gruber, Sam Jaccard, John P Dunne, and David J Paynter, August 2020: Contrasting upper and deep ocean oxygen response to protracted global warming. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34(8), DOI:10.1029/2020GB006601 .
  11. Hsieh, Tsung-Lin, Gabriel A Vecchi, Wenchang Yang, Isaac M Held, and Stephen T Garner, September 2020: Large-scale control on the frequency of tropical cyclones and seeds: a consistent relationship across a hierarchy of global atmospheric models. Climate Dynamics, DOI:10.1007/s00382-020-05446-5 .
  12. Liu, Qingfu, Xuejin Zhang, and Mingjing Tong, et al., September 2020: Vortex Initialization in the NCEP Operational Hurricane Models. Atmosphere, 11(9), DOI:10.3390/atmos11090968 .
  13. Lu, Lv, Shaoqing Zhang, Stephen G Yeager, Gokhan Danabasoglu, P Chang, Lixin Wu, Xiaopei Lin, Anthony Rosati, and Feiyu Lu, September 2020: Impact of Coherent Ocean Stratification on AMOC Reconstruction by Coupled Data Assimilation with a Biased Model. Journal of Climate, 33(17), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0735.1 .
  14. Luo, Jessica Y., Robert H Condon, and Charles A Stock, et al., September 2020: Gelatinous zooplankton-mediated carbon flows in the global oceans: A data-driven modeling study. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34(9), DOI:10.1029/2020GB006704 .
  15. Orbe, C, L Van Roekel, A F Adames, A Dezfuli, J Fasullo, P J Gleckler, Jiwoo Lee, Wei Li, Larissa Nazarenko, Gavin A Schmidt, K R Sperber, and Ming Zhao, September 2020: Representation of Modes of Variability in 6 U.S. Climate Models. Journal of Climate, 33(17), DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0956.1 .
  16. Predybaylo, Evgeniya, Georgiy Stenchikov, Andrew T Wittenberg, and Sergey Osipov, September 2020: El Niño/Southern Oscillation response to low-latitude volcanic eruptions depends on ocean pre-conditions and eruption timing. Communications Earth and Environment, 1, 12, DOI:10.1038/s43247-020-0013-y .
  17. Séférian, Roland, Sarah Berthet, Andrew Yool, Julien Palmieri, Laurent Bopp, Alessandro Tagliabue, Lester Kwiatkowski, Olivier Aumont, James R Christian, John P Dunne, Marion Gehlen, Tatiana Ilyina, Jasmin G John, Hongmei Li, Matthew Long, Jessica Y Luo, Hideyuki Nakano, Anastasia Romanou, Jörg Schwinger, and Charles A Stock, et al., August 2020: Tracking Improvement in Simulated Marine Biogeochemistry Between CMIP5 and CMIP6. Current Climate Change Reports, 6, DOI:10.1007/s40641-020-00160-0 95-119.
  18. Shen, Zhaoyi, Yi Ming, and Isaac M Held, August 2020: Using the fast impact of anthropogenic aerosols on regional land temperature to constrain aerosol forcing. Science Advances, 6(32), DOI:10.1126/sciadv.abb5297 .
  19. Tanaka, Kisei R., M P Torre, Vincent S SabaCharles A Stock, and Yong Chen, August 2020: An ensemble high‐resolution projection of changes in the future habitat of American lobster and sea scallop in the Northeast US continental shelfDiversity and Distributions26(8), DOI:10.1111/ddi.13069.
  20. Tsujino, H, S Urakawa, Stephen M Griffies, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Alistair Adcroft, A E Amaral, T Arsouze, M Bentsen, R Bernardello, C Böning, A Bozec, E P Chassignet, S Danilov, and Raphael Dussin, et al., August 2020: Evaluation of global ocean–sea-ice model simulations based on the experimental protocols of the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project phase 2 (OMIP-2). Geoscientific Model Development, 13(8), DOI:10.5194/gmd-13-3643-2020 .
  21. Wang, Zhuo, Gan Zhang, Timothy J Dunkerton, and Fei-Fei Jin, August 2020: Summertime stationary waves integrate tropical and extratropical impacts on tropical cyclone activity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI:10.1073/pnas.2010547117 .
  22. Wing, Allison A., Catherine L Stauffer, Tobias Becker, Kevin A Reed, Min-Seop Ahn, Nathan P Arnold, Sandrine Bony, Mark Branson, George H Bryan, Jean-Pierre Chaboureau, Stephan R de Roode, Kulkarni Gayatri, Cathy Hohenegger, I-Kuan Hu, Fredrik Jansson, Todd R Jones, Marat Khairoutdinov, Daehyun Kim, Zane K Martin, Shuhei Matsugishi, Brian Medeiros, Hiroaki Miura, Yumin Moon, Sebastian K Muller, Tomoki Ohno, Max Popp, Thara Prabhakaran, David A Randall, Rosimar Rios-Berrios, Nicolas Rochetin, Romain Roehrig, David M Romps, James H Ruppert Jr, Masaki Satoh, Levi G Silvers, Martin S Singh, Bjorn Stevens, Lorenzo Tomassini, Chiel C van Heerwaarden, Shuguang Wang, and Ming Zhao, September 2020: Clouds and Convective Self-Aggregation in a Multi-Model Ensemble of Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Simulations. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12(9), DOI:10.1029/2020MS002138 .
  23. Wootten, A, Keith W Dixon, Dennis Adams-Smith, and R A McPherson, August 2020: Statistically Downscaled Precipitation Sensitivity to Gridded Observation Data and Downscaling Technique. International Journal of Climatology, DOI:10.1002/joc.6716 .
  24. Zhang, Li, Meiyun Lin, A Langford, and Larry W Horowitz, et al., September 2020: Characterizing sources of high surface ozone events in the southwestern U.S. with intensive field measurements and two global models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20(17), DOI:10.5194/acp-20-10379-2020 .
  25. Zhang, Liping, and William F Cooke, September 2020: Simulated changes of the Southern Ocean air-sea heat flux feedback in a warmer climate. Climate Dynamics, DOI:10.1007/s00382-020-05460-7 .
  26. Zhang, Wei, G Villarini, and Gabriel A Vecchi, August 2020: The East Asian Subtropical Jet Stream and Atlantic Tropical Cyclones. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(15), DOI:10.1029/2020GL088851 .
  27. Zhang, Yi, Nadir Jeevanjee, and Stephan Fueglistaler, September 2020: Linearity of Outgoing Longwave Radiation: From an Atmospheric Column to Global Climate Models. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(17), DOI:10.1029/2020GL089235 .