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Most Recent GFDL Publications

March – May 2022

  1. Beadling, R. L., Krasting, J. P., Griffies, S. M., Hurlin, W. J., Bronselaer, B., Russell, J. L., MacGilchrist, G. A., Tesdal, J.-E., & Winton, M. (2022). Importance of the Antarctic Slope Current in the Southern Ocean response to ice sheet melt and wind stress change. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 127(5).
  2. Cael, B B., Begouen Demeaux, C., Henson, S. A., Stock, C. A.Gonzalez Taboada, F.John, J. G., & Barton, A. D. (2022). Marine ecosystem changepoints spread under ocean warming in an Earth System ModelJournal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences127(5).
  3. Chemke, R., Zanna, L., Orbe, C., Sentman, L. T., & Polvani, L. M. (2022). The future intensification of the North Atlantic winter storm track: the key role of dynamic ocean coupling. Journal of Climate, 35(8), 2407-2421.
  4. Clark, S., Hubbard, K. A., Ralston, D. K., McGillicuddy, Jr., D. J., Stock, C. A., Alexander, M. A., & Curchitser, E. N. (2022). Projected effects of climate change on Pseudo-nitzschia bloom dynamics in the Gulf of Maine. Journal of Marine Systems, 230.
  5. Frazer, M. E., & Ming, Y. (2022). Understanding the extratropical liquid water path feedback in mixed-phase clouds with an idealized global climate model. Journal of Climate, 35(8), 2391-2406.
  6. Hsieh, T.-L., Yang, W., Vecchi, G. A., & Zhao, M. (2022). Model spread in the tropical cyclone frequency and seed propensity index across global warming and ENSO-like perturbations. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(7). https://doi.org10.1029/2021GL097157.
  7. Huth, A., Adcroft, A., & Sergienko, O. V. (2022). Parameterizing tabular-iceberg decay in an ocean model. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 14(3).
  8. Jeevanjee, N., & Zhou, L. (2022). On the resolution-dependence of anvil cloud fraction and precipitation efficiency in radiative-convective equilibrium. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 14(3).
  9. Joh, Y., Delworth, T. L., Wittenberg, A. T., Cooke, W. F., Yang, X., Zeng, F., Jia, L., Lu, F., Johnson, N. C., Kapnick, S. B., Rosati, A., Zhang, L., & McHugh, C. 2022). Seasonal-to-decadal variability and prediction of the Kuroshio Extension in the GFDL coupled ensemble reanalysis and forecasting system. Journal of Climate, 35(11), 3515-3535.
  10. Lim, H.-G., Dunne, J. P., Stock, C. A., Ginoux, P., John, J. G., & Krasting, J. P., (2022). Oceanic and atmospheric drivers of post-El-Niño chlorophyll rebound in the equatorial Pacific. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(5).
  11. Knutson, T. R., Sirutis, J. J., Bender, M. A., Tuleya, R. E., & Schenkel, B. A. (2022). Dynamical downscaling projections of late twenty-first-century U.S. landfalling hurricane activity. Climatic Change, 171, 28.
  12. Krasting, J. P., De Palma, M., Sonnewald, M., Dunne, J. P., & John, J. G. (2022). Regional sensitivity patterns of Arctic Ocean acidification revealed with machine learning. Communications Earth and Environment, 3, 91.
  13. Muhling, B. A., Snyder, S., Hazen, E. L., Whitlock, R., Dewar, H., Park, J.-Y., Stock, C. A., & Block, B. A. (2022). Risk and reward in foraging migrations of North Pacific albacore determined from estimates of energy intake and movement costs. Frontiers in Marine Science.
  14. Murakami, H., Delworth, T. L., Cooke, W. F., Kapnick, S. B., & Hsu, P.-C. (2022). Increasing frequency of anomalous precipitation events in Japan detected by a deep learning autoencoder. Earth’s Future, 10(4).
  15. Murakami, H. (2022). Substantial global influence of anthropogenic aerosols on tropical cyclones over the past 40 years. Science Advances, 8(19).
  16. Murakami, H. & Wang, B. (2022). Patterns and frequency of projected future tropical cyclone genesis are governed by dynamic effects. Communications Earth and Environment, 3, 77.
  17. Sergienko, O. V. (2022). No general stability conditions for marine ice-sheet grounding lines in the presence of feedbacks. Nature Communications, 13, 2265
  18. Stephan, C. C., Duras, J., Harris, L., Klocke, D., Putman, W. M., Taylor, M., Wedi, N., Žagar, N., & Ziemen, F. (2022). Atmospheric energy spectra in global kilometre-scale models. Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography, 74, 280-299.
  19. Tseng, K.-C., Johnson, N. C., Kapnick, S. B., Cooke, W. F., Delworth, T. L., Jia, L., Lu, F., McHugh, C., Murakami, H., Rosati, A., Wittenberg, A. T., Yang, X., Zeng, F., & Zhang, L. (2022). When will humanity notice its influence on atmospheric rivers? JGR Atmospheres, 127(9).
  20. Xie, Y., Lin, M., Decharme, B., Delire, C., Horowitz, L. W., Lawrence, D., Li, F., & Séférian, R. (2022). Tripling of western US particulate pollution from wildfires in a warming climate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(14).
  21. Yamaguchi, R., Rodgers, K. B., Timmermann, A., Stein, K., Schlunegger, S., Bianchi, D., Dunne, J. P., & Slater, R. D. (2022). Trophic level decoupling drives future changes in phytoplankton bloom phenology. Nature Climate Change, 12, 469-476.
  22. Yang, Q., Lee, C.-Y., Tippett, M. K., Chavas, D., & Knutson, T. R. (2022). Machine learning based hurricane wind reconstruction. Weather and Forecasting, 37(4), 477-493.
  23. Zeng, Y., Milly, P. C. D., Shevliakova, E., Malyshev, S., Van Huijgevoort, M. H. J., & Dunne, K. A. (2022). Possible anthropogenic enhancement of precipitation in the Sahel-Sudan savanna by remote agricultural irrigation. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(6).