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Ocean and Ice Processes

The ocean is the predominant reservoir in the earth system for heat and carbon, and ocean circulation redistributes these important components of the climate system around the globe. Dynamical processes on many scales, from basin-wide currents, through meso-scale eddies, down to small-scale turbulent mixing, contribute to the effects of the oceans on climate. In polar regions, ice in the form of ice-sheets on land, or sea-ice in the ocean, influences the climate by modifying albedo. Interactions between the oceans and ice-shelves, ice-bergs and sea-ice influence the rate of ice melt, sea-level rise and large-scale ocean currents.

Ocean MixingOcean Mixing
Ocean Mesoscale EddiesOcean Mesoscale Eddies
Ice-sheet DynamicsIce-sheet Dynamics
Large-scale Ocean DynamicsLarge-scale Ocean Dynamics
Ice-ocean InteractionsIce-ocean Interactions

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