GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Atmospheric Composition and Air Quality

GFDL scientists aim to advance our understanding of earth’s past, present, and future atmospheric composition and climate. We develop sophisticated computer models representing the emissions, transport, chemical transformations, and sinks of trace gases and aerosols throughout the troposphere and stratosphere. Concentrations simulated by these models are evaluated using in situ and remote sensing observations. We attempt to advance the understanding of the impacts of atmospheric trace gases and aerosols on climate, surface air quality, ecosystems, and UV radiation fluxes.

Air QualityAir Quality
Long-range TransportLong-range Transport
Radiative Forcing and Climate ImpactsRadiative Forcings
Tropospheric Chemistry and AerosolsTropospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
Stratospheric Chemistry and DynamicsStratospheric Chemistry and Dynamics

Recent Publications

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    February 2015.
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    February 2014.
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    January 2014.
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    October 2013
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    October 2013
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    June 2013
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    February 2013