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GFDL Data Portal Information

GFDL Data Portal

Data Storage

The data files on the data portal are stored in netCDF (network Common Data Form), can be identified by the suffix “.nc”, and are intended to be CF compliant. These utilities are needed to read the data files.


The GFDL Data Portal is a node within the Earth System Grid Federation ( Using ESG is one way to access the GFDL data on GFDL’s data server. The second way is to directly link to GFDL’s data server.


Questions concerning the availability of GFDL Data Portal data files and their content may be directed to:

Questions related to GFDL Data Portal functionality, development, system administration, etc., may be directed to:

Spotlight on NOMADS

NOMADS is being developed as a Unified Climate and Weather Archive to provide Web access to model information so that users can make decisions about their specific needs.

This spans time scales from days (weather), to months (El Nino), to decades (global warming).

For more, see NCDC’s nomads page.

Spotlight on GO-ESSP

The Global Organization for Earth System Science Portal (GO-ESSP) is a collaboration designed to build the infrastructure needed to create web portals to provide observed and simulated data to the climate and weather
communities. The infrastructure created within GO-ESSP will provide a flexible framework of front-end and back-end software components.

For more, see the GO-ESSP home page.