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GFDL Simulation of Global Warming

Maps of the projected increase of surface air temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) from 2xCO2 and 4xCOexperiments with a GFDL climate model. The warming is projected to be particularly large over much of the mid-latitude continental regions, including North America and Asia. The temperature changes shown for the 4xCO2 experiment are almost as large as the difference between the present climate and that of the Late Cretaceous approximately 65-90 million years ago. The results are shown for years 401-500 from transient COincrease experiments in which CO2 levels are increased at 1% per year compounded until they reach twice their original level (70 years) or four times their original level (140 years). Most of the surface warming occurs within a few decades of the CO2 increase.

Further details: Manabe and Stouffer (1994).

surface air warming