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Reanalysis Ideas — Recent Work

Some Ideas For Future Reanalysis Efforts

John Lanzante

Some Progress

  • In our earliest work, LKS (Lanzante, Klein, Seidel, 2003; Part 1, Part 2) have devised and applied a scheme to make homogeneity adjustments for long time series of radiosonde temperature. Comparisons with independent satellite MSU data suggest an improvement via adjustment. An example, at Pechora, Russia, shows that after adjustment the radiosonde series are much more similar to MSU temperatures.
  • LKS find a systematic bias in that unadjusted data have spurious cooling trends in both the troposphere and stratosphere.
  • Diagnostic work (Lanzante 2007; Lanzante and Free 2008) with GFDL and CMIP3 GCM climate change experiments suggests data adjustment may influence detection/attribution of global change — adjustment typically leads to better agreement with GCMs.
  • Subsequent work by ourselves and others has led to the development of 5 distinct homogenized radiosonde temperature datasets (RATPAC; HadAT2; IUKRAOBCORE; RICH). Unfortunately it is not possible to demonstate which of these products is the “best”, since currently there is no “gold standard” against which to evaluate them. Therefore, most analysts seeking trend estimates will use all 5 datasets and compare results for consistency. It would obviously be desirable to have one “best” climate quality product.

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