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Monthly Ensemble Means (ECDA) v3.1
Monthly Ensemble Means (ECDA) v2.0
Monthly Means (WOA21c)

ECDA v3.1

Currently, data is available online only via ftp. This data will be brought current and updated monthly in near real-time as the LAS becomes available. This version is being used to produce the initial conditions for IPCC/AR5 near-term predictions.

ECDA v2.0

The data available online is ocean model ensemble means formulated into monthly time series in one, five and ten year chunks. The data is available on its native grid (tripolar grid) or interlolated onto a latitude/longitude grid. CF conventions are followed for the naming of variables. Variables:

  • mld_OD- mixed layer depth (m)
  • mpe_OF- precipitation minus evaporation (m s-1)
  • river_OF- river water flux (m s-1)
  • sfc_hflux_OF- surface heat flux (W m-2)
  • so_O1- salinity (psu)
  • tau_x_OF- zonal wind stress (N m-2)
  • tau_y_OF-meridional wind stress (N m-2)
  • thetao_01- potential temperature (K)
  • uo_01- eastward sea water velocity (m s-1)
  • vo_01- northward sea water velocity (m s-1)
  • wo_OD- upward Sea water velocity (m s-1)

File naming follows this stencil: For example, the timeseries containing the year 1979 potential temperatures would be The same variable but timeseries spanning the years 1979 through 1983 would be


This product is based on the compilation of the identified GTSPP and Argo data from Jan. 2003 to Dec. 2011.

Analysis and description of this product can be found in Chang, Y.-S., A. J. Rosati, S. Zhang, and M. J. Harrison (2008), Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, C02014, doi:10.1029/2008JC004970.


  • OBS_TEMP- OA temperature (degC)
  • OBS_SALT- OA salinity (psu)
  • OBS_TEMP_ERR- OA temperature error (degC)
  • OBS_SALT_ERR- OA salinity error (psu)

*** We have CMORized the data using the new CMOR2/netcdf4 method. You should install NetCDF4 versions to access these files.