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Richard S. Hemler

Atmospheric Physics, Chemistry and Climate Group (APCC)

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

201 Forrestal Road

Princeton, NJ 08542


Phone: 609 – 452 – 6598

Fax: 609 – 987 – 5063

I spend most of my time supporting the development of atmospheric physics and chemistry code within the Flexible Modeling System (FMS) framework. My responsibility is to see that the various physics parameterizations work together efficiently, both from the science and computer science points of view, and that needed interactions between different physics packages may be efficiently accomplished. I am often called upon to provide insight into how new physics development should be incorporated into FMS, allowing the new features to be made easily available for testing and evaluation, while retaining the ability to preserve legacy results. I also provide support for the diagnostics used to assess the performance of the various physics parameterizations.


  • List of publications with abstract and full text in pdf format: click here