GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GFDL/Princeton Area Snowfall Observations (inches)

2017-2018 Season

Date Amount Individual Reports Season Tot
9 Dec 2017 5.7 ajb=M ds=6.7 jpk=6.3 rgg=4.0 rjs=4.8 wfs=6.6 5.7
11 Dec 2017 0.1 ajb=T ds=T jpk=0.1 rgg=0.1 wfs=0.0 rjs=0.1 5.8
14 Dec 2017 1.3 ajb=1.1 ds=1.4 jpk=1.2 rgg=1.8 rjs=1.1 wfs=1.2 7.1
15 Dec 2017 2.0 ajb=1.6 ds=1.7 jpk=1.6 rgg=2.5 rjs=2.2 wfs=2.4 9.1
A long wave trough over the eastern US this past week has brought us colder than normal temperatures and 4 measurable snow events totaling 9.1″
30 Dec 2017 2.5 ajb=M ds=3.0 jpk=1.4 rgg=2.5 rjs=2.6 wfs=3.0 11.6
A fast moving storm swinging around a polar vortex produced and average of 2.5″ of new snow this past Saturday, Dec 30. This brings our seasonal total snowfall to 11.6″
04 Jan 2018 5.8 ajb=4.5 ds=3.9 jpk=5.8 rgg=8.5 rjs=6.6 wfs=5.3 17.4
A strong east coast storm produced and average of 5.8″ of new snow in the Princeton area yesterday, Jan 4. The storm significantly impacted the coast with some parts of the Jersey shore receiving a foot and a half of snow with wind gusts over 60mph. Our new seasonal total snowfall is 17.4″
17 Jan 2018 1.5 GFDL=1.5 18.9
A frontal zone to the west combined with a weak trough off the East Coast produced 1.5″ of new snow at GFDL yesterday, Jan 17. Nearly 7″ of snowfall was reported in far northwest NJ and close to 8″ was reported in locations in the Poconos. Our new seasonal total snowfall is 18.9″