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GFDL/Princeton Area Snowfall Observations (inches)

2018-2019 Season

Date Amount Individual Reports Season Tot
15 Nov 2018 4.5 ajb=5.0 ds=4.3 jpk=4.3 rgg=4.4 rjs=4.6 wfs=4.3 cw=M 4.5
Our first snow event of the season was the result of a low over the eastern Gulf of Mexico redeveloping as a coastal storm just offshore from South Carolina which moved northward. A strong Canadian high built over New England providing sufficient cold air to produce significant snow over interior portions of the northeast. The Princeton area received most of the snow during the early and mid afternoon Thursday when bands of heavy snow developed along the I95 corridor due to a coastal front that formed east of the region.
16 Nov 2018 0.1 ajb=T ds=0.2 jpk=M rgg=0.1 rjs=0.1 wfs=0.3 cw=M 4.6
13 Jan 2019 0.3 GFDL 4.9
18 Jan 2019 1.1 ajb=0.7 ds=1.5 jpk=1.2 rgg=M rjs=M wfs=1.0 cw=M 6.0
30 Jan 2019 0.2 GFDL 6.2
1 Feb 2019 0.2 GFDL 6.4
11 Feb 2019 0.4 GFDL 6.8
12 Feb 2019 1.5 GFDL 8.3