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GFDL/Princeton Area Snowfall Observations (inches)

2019-2020 Season

Amount  Individual Reports Season Tot
2 Dec 2019 0.6 GFDL 0.6
This first part of our first snow event was the result of warm air overriding cold air over New England while a coastal storm was starting to develop just off shore of NJ.
2-3 Dec 2019 0.5 ajb=0.5 cw=1.3 ds=0.2 jpk=0.5 rjs=0.1 wfs=0.3 1.1
This second part our first snow event was the result of “backlash” snowfall around the coastal storm that developed just off shore of NJ.
11 Dec 2019 1.0 ajb=1.3 jpk=0.9 rjs=0.8 wfs=1.0 cw=M ds=M 2.1
A weak wave along a cold front produced a period of light snow in the morning hours.
18 Dec 2019 0.2 ajb=T jpk=0.1 rjs=0.4 wfs=0.1 cw=M ds=0.2 2.3
In advance of a strong arctic front, snow showers developed during the afternoon/evening
06 Jan 2020 0.5 ajb=0.6 jpk=0.8 rjs=0.2 wfs=0.1 cw=0.7 ds=0.4 2.8
A trough moving through the Princeton area overnight produced snow showers.
18 Jan 2020 1.1 ajb=1.2 jpk=1.3 rjs=1.1 wfs=0.9 cw=M ds=1.2 3.9
The combination of warm moist air from a mid-west storm moving eastward overriding cold air associated with high pressure in the northeast produced periods of snow during the afternoon and sleet in the early evening.