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Date            Measurement               Comments                                                                           Accum. snow           Leader

12/8             2.5                             This was a massive event across northern Delaware, SE               2.5           Peter Phillipps

                   ( 3.2(rgg) 1.5(ajb)         Pennsylvania and southern NJ (as anyone who saw the

                     2.1(wfs) 2.6(smf)         Eagles-Lions football game knows!). Peak amount was

                     3.0(ds))                     12.0 in Burlington county, NJ. (Phila. airport had 8.6\”,

                                                       more than the 2011-12 seasonal total

 12/10         3.9 (lab)                      A well-forecasted burst of heavy wet snow produced 3\” – 4\”         6.4           Peter Phillipps

                                                      over a wide area of PA and NJ..

12/14           2.7                            A disturbance over the Ohio value spawned a second low              9.1           Adi  Benito

                   (2.1(rgg) 3.4(wfs)        off the NJ coast. A coastal front produced large temperature

                    3.0(ajb) 2.7(ds)         contrast (NJ coast reached 50) while the GFDL area had

                                                   snow changing to sleet, freezing rain and eventually rain.

                                                   Amounts in NW NJ ranged to 12\”, with more in N New England

12/17          0.8 (lab)                    Two periods of snow (AM and PM) with rain in between                    9.9          Venkatramani Balaji

12/24           0.1                            Snow squalls on Christmas eve                                                    10.0         Venkatramani Balaji

                   (T(ds),T(rgg)              (note: New Years Eve snow was not measurable)

                    0.2(wfs) 0(ajb))

1/2-3           7.7                             a storm developing off the coast produced 7-10″ in New Jersey       17.7         Amy Langenhorst

                  (7.4(ds) 8.2(rgg)          and up to 23″ in northeast Massachusetts. Very cold temperatures

                   7.9(wfs) 7.9(ajb)        followed(Trenton reached -1F) then a 1996-style warmup which

                   7.3(smf))                   melted all the snow in ~18 hours!

1/10            0.1                           snow and sleet                                                                             17.8        Amy Langenhorst/

                                                                                                                                                                   Charles Stock

1/18            0.4                           an Alberta Clipper event, much more significant in New England          18.2         Steve Griffies

                  (0.3(ds) 0.4(wfs)

                   0.3(ajb) 0.4(smf)

1/21            9.8                           another Alberta Clipper plunged far more south than usual, and       28.0          Leo Donner

                 (9.7(wfs) 9.5(ajb)        a well-forecast band of heavy snow developed, mainly along

                  10.6(ds) 9.2(smf)      the I-95 corridor. largest NJ amount was 15.8″ (Manalapan). A

                                                 sharp snow gradient existed to the north:(eg, S Weymouth, MA

                                                 17.0″; BOS 4.2)

1/25           2.0                           still another clipper (north of NJ) produced snow, mainly in NJ        30.0         Tamara Krasting

                (2.8(wfs) 2.1(ds)         and the Poconos

                 1.4(ajb) 1.8(smf))

1/29          0.7                          a storm off the SE coast produced a “deformation zone”                 30.7         Michael Erb

               (0.7(ds) 0.7(ajb)        which resulted in heavy snow in SE NJ and lighter amounts

                0.6(smf) 0.9(wfs))     in the GFDL area. (Pomona NJ got 7.3″, former observer

                                                Bob Tuleya got ~10″ in Portsmouth VA)

 2/3           7.7                          shortly after the Super Bowl ended in mild conditions a cold             38.4        Carol Broccoli

                (7.7(ds) 8.0(wfs)       front passed the area. A wave along the front developed

                 7.7(ajb) 6.8(rgg))     passing near Norfolk, VA and producing wet heavy snow

                                               (~1.2″ liquid) maximum snow was 10.1″ on Staten Island

                                                 with many 9 inch amounts in NJ, NY and PA

2/5           0.4                          a storm moving up the Ohio valley, with a secondary low                38.8         Rong Zhang

               (0.3(smf) 0.8(ajb)      off the NJ coast produced some sleet in the area before

                                              changing to a destructive ice storm. snow accumulated to

                                              2″-6″ in NYC and up to 12″ further north.

2/9          2.0                          a wave along a cold front produced snow, mainly in NJ                   40.8        Rohit Motiani

              (2.6(ds) 2.0(wfs)       and PA (up to 3.2″)

               1.9(ajb) 2.0(rgg)


2/13-14  11.2 (9.1+2.1)          a gulf coast storm redeveloped off the SE coast and further                 52.0      Isaac Held

              (10.9(9.4+1.5)ds     developed off the NJ coast. This produced heavy snow in

               11.2(8.4+2.8)rgg    AM of 2/13, then rain in the afternoon and evening, The

               10.6(8.9+1.7)ajb    redevelopment produced a second period  of snow in the AM

               11.6(9.7+1.9)wfs     of 2/14. Maximunm regional snow totals: 20.0 Birdsboro PA;

               11.5(9.0+2.5)smf    19.2 Highland Lakes NJ; 20.5 Harriman NY;up to 26″ in the



2/18        1.3                         a clipper redeveloping off the NJ coast produced modest                   53.3      Mary Burnham

              (1.2(wfs) 1.6(rgg)    snow in NJ (up to 3.8″) buit heavy amounts in SE MA

               0.8(ds) 1.6(smf))  (up to 15″ in lower Cape Cod)

2/19        2.3(GFDL)              a warm front produced a short period of heavy snow.                         55.6      Tom Knutson

                                           further development again produced heavy snow in New

                                           England(up to 12″)

2/26       0.8(GFDL)             a cold front produced snow showers. maximum was 2″ in places         56.4     Tom Knutson

3/3        0.4(GFDL)              a greatly overforecasted snow event produced little snow in central      56.8     Tom Knutson


NJ but 6″-8″ in the Atlantic City area.

3/17      0.2(GFDL)               a storm system to our south produced little snow in central NJ            57.0    Tom Knutson

                                          but larger amounts just south, including ~10″ near Cape May

                                          and 4.5″ in Philly.

3/25     0.3                          a storm off the atlantic coast developed into the strongest of the        57.3     Tom Knutson

          (0.1(smf) 0.1(ds)      season but largely bypassed central NJ. the Cape May region

           0.2(wfs) 1.2(rgg)      received ~7″” (and around 24″ for March) while Nantucket had

           T(ajb))                    9.5″ and wind to 80 mph (Cape Breton had gusts to 115 mph!)
4/16   0.3                           a (mostly) rain event ended as sleet and snow                                   57.6     Tom Knutson
         (0.3)wfs) 0.8(rgg)
          T(ds) T(ajb))