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Climate Predictability and PredictionsIMAGE FOR PREDICTABILTY FIG 1 YANG AMO RESCALED 250 150

A central goal of climate research is to improve our ability to predict climate on a wide range of time scales, from seasonal to decadal to centennial. Developing the capability to make such predictions requires (a) observing systems to characterize the current state of the climate system, (b) assimilation system to put such data into models, and (c) climate models to simulate the future evolution of the climate system.



Decadal predictability and predictions

Southern Ocean decadal predictability (L. Zhang, T. Delworth, L. Jia, submitted)

Atlantic decadal predictions (Msadek et al, 2014)

Decadal predictions using the GFDL CM2.1 model (Yang et al., 2013)

Estimating decadal predicability using perfect model experiments (Msadek et al, 2010)

Seasonal predictability and predictions 

Predicting winter season extratropical storms (Yang et al., 2015)

Seasonal prediction of regional hurricane activity (Vecchi et al, 2014)