GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Checking Your Voice Mail Remotely

  1. Dial your number 609-452-extension, or 609-452-5850.
  2. If dialing your own extension, let the phone ring through to voicemail, otherwise when you hear the auto-attendant, press asterisk (*)
    • Note: The auto-attendant will either say “Sorry, your name is not available…” (your extension) or “Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System…” (if dialing 5850).
    • Note: If dialing 5850, you may be prompted for a 4-digit extension, but don’t dial it now! If you dial your extension prior to pressing asterisk, you will be transferred to your own line.
  3. When prompted “Enter your ID,” now is when you should type your 4-digit extension, followed by pound (#).
  4. When prompted for your PIN, enter it and finish with pound (#).