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AMS Recognizes Leo Donner’s Contributions to Atmospheric Science

July 27th, 2018

Leo Donner

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has announced that Leo Donner, a Physical Scientist in GFDL’s Atmospheric Physics division, was elected a Fellow for 2019. Dr. Donner is widely recognized for his novel work on cloud and convective processes in the atmospheric general circulation. His research has yielded important insights about interactions between processes on the scales of clouds and convective systems and large-scale atmospheric flows.

Dr. Donner has been with GFDL since 1991, and he has been a lecturer at Princeton University since 1993. He currently serves as chair of the Community Earth System Model Advisory Board and also serves on the Directorate Advisory Committee for Earth and Biological Sciences at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He previously served as chair of the Board of Trustees of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. He has served on advisory panels for NASA, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the World Climate Research Programme. Dr. Donner is also a past editor of Journal of Climate. His contributions to atmospheric science have been recognized with numerous awards from the Department of Commerce, NASA, and the University of Michigan Alumni Society.

AMS Fellows are selected for their “outstanding contributions to the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences or their applications during a substantial period of years.” Fellows are chosen from academic, government and private sectors, and they retain the honor for life. Dr. Donner will be recognized at the AMS Annual Meeting in January 2019 with other AMS Fellows.