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NOAA Scientist Earns Prestigious Distinction from Scientific Journal

August 8th, 2008

Brian’s own work focuses on evaluating the treatment of biomass burning emissions in GFDL’s global climate model, and linking simulation input more closely to current available observational data.  He was a reviewer for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and is a referee for Journal of Geophysical Research, and three other peer-reviewed scientific publications, in addition to Annales Geophysicae.

The quality of scientific journals depends in a crucial way upon the peer review process, and the success of this process owes much to members of the scientific community who are conscientious reviewers, contributing significant time and effort, and who are committed to the ideals of accuracy and soundness of methodology.  This distinction underscores the preeminent research conducted at Princeton and GFDL, and the high regard with which our scientists are held in the international science community.