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Keith W. Dixon

research meteorologist
Team Lead – Empirical Statistical Downscaling Team
Climate Impacts & Extremes Group
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
US Department of Commerce
Princeton, New Jersey USA

contact info:

phone: 609-452-6574
fax: 609-987-5063

postal address:
Keith Dixon
201 Forrestal Road
Princeton, NJ 08540-6649


recent climate research activities

GFDL’s Empirical Statistical Downscaling (ESD) Research Team’s efforts:

GFDL ESD TEAM WEB PAGE describing our team’s efforts to systematically evaluate the performance characteristics of Empirical Statistical Downscaling methods.

[Climatic Change cover]


Dixon KW, Lanzante JR, Nath MJ, Hayhoe K, Stoner A, Radhakrishnan A, Balaji V, Gaitán CF (2016) Evaluating the stationarity assumption in statistically downscaled climate projections: is past performance an indicator of future results? Climatic Change. doi:10.1007/s10584-016-1598-0

(an open access publication)

This paper serves as foundational work and a first case study example of how one can evaluate key aspects of statistical downscaling method performance using a perfect model framework. The basic (and often overlooked) question being whether and to what extent statistical downscaling skill degrades when applied to future scenarios. The eye-opening (to some) answer illustrated by the case study presented in this journal article is, It can matter a lot, but also can vary geographically, seasonally, and with the amount of climate change being projected. And the differences can be large enough to alter conclusions being drawn for adaptation planning purposes.


  • 2017 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (Jan 2017) Exploring the Sensitivity of Projected Climate Indices to Statistical Downscaling Choices Keith W Dixon, MJ Nath, and J. Lanzante [ Abstract & Recorded Presentation ]
  • 2016 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (Jan 2016) Comparing Statistical Downscaling Method Performance: Different Methods, Different Metrics, Different Time Periods, John Lanzante and Keith W Dixon [ Abstract & Recorded Presentation ]
  • 2015 Joint Assembly, Montreal, Canada (4 May 2015) Evaluating Statistical Downscaling Performance Under Changing Climatic Conditions, Keith W Dixon, JR Lanzante, CF Gaitan, K Hayhoe and AM K Stoner [ Abstract ]

Serving as GFDL’s PI for the Dept of the Interior’s South-Central Climate Science Center

select climate science outreach & communications activities

[2014 Forever Stamp]Partnered in the design of the US Postal Service’s 2014 Forever International Postage Stamp

Recipient of the first NOAA Science Communicator Award— the Dr. Daniel L. Albritton Outstanding Science Communicator Award

Museum Collaborations

Participant in the ten day American Meteorological Society’s Summer Policy Colloquium