GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

FV3: Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere Dynamical Core

The FV3 Team

Team Leader

Shian-Jiann Lin
Physical Scientist

Lead Engineer

Rusty Benson
Lead Computational Scientist


(Listed Alphabetically)

Xi Chen
Associate Research Scholar (AOS Program)

Zhi Liang

Matthew Morin
Atmospheric Scientist

Linjiong Zhou
Associate Research Scholar (AOS Program)

Morris Bender
Meteorologist (AOS Program)

Baoqiang Xiang
UCAR Scientist


Jan-Huey Chen
UCAR Project Scientist II

Lucas Harris
Physical Scientist

Timothy Marchok

Shannon Rees
Atmospheric Scientist

Andrew Hazelton
Postdoctoral Research Associate (AOS Program)

Back row (left to right): Xi Chen, Zhi Liang, Rusty Benson, Shian-Jiann Lin, Matthew Morin, Lucas Harris and Jan-Huey Chen
Front row (left to right): Linjiong Zhou, Timothy Marchok and Shannon Rees