GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GFDL’s IPCC AR5 Models

GFDL has had a central role in each assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change since 1990, when their first report was issued. For the most recent assessment (AR5) GFDL contributed six of the models used for climate assessments and devoted the equivalent of more than 9 months of supercomputing time to produce climate simulations for the IPCC.

CM2.1 Decadal prediction ensemble experiments

ESM2M Centennial scale
coupled carbon-climate projection experiments

ESM2G Centennial scale coupled carbon-climate projection experiments

CM3 Centennial scale experiments simulating historical and projected future climate with online, interactive atmospheric chemistry and aerosols

HiRAM-C180 High resolution decadal time-slice experiments

HiRAM-C360 High resolution decadal time-slice experiments