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Science Board

The Science Board comprises a small subset of the senior and distinguished members of the Lab who have had experience in serving as Group Leaders or in any other important scientific leadership positions for a period of time, and who have also had leadership experience in Lab-wide interactions for a number of years. The Lab’s Deputy Director is a member of the Science Board. The Director appoints new Science Board members after consultations with the existing membership. The Science Board members are assigned the responsibility of giving guidance to the Lab’s overarching and long-term science horizons, progress and strategies, and having oversight of the Lab’s overall science progress. The Science Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Laboratory Director.

Members: V. “Ram” Ramaswamy (Chair), Whit Anderson, Jeffrey Durachta, Tom Delworth, John Dunne, Tom Knutson, Lauren Koellermeier, Yi Ming, Rong Zhang

Research Council

Provide guidance to the Science Board on lab research opportunities. Coordinate cross-Divisional research, and enhance communication across the Divisions and to the lab as a whole.

Members: Whit Anderson (Chair), Rusty Benson, Huan Guo, Andrew Wittenberg, Robert Hallberg, Lucas Harris, Larry Horowitz, Lauren Koellermeier (Co-chair), David Paynter, Elena Shevliakova, Charles Stock, Michael Winton, Ming Zhao

Early Career Scientist Committee

The purpose of the early career scientist committee is to foster the career development, productivity, and well-being of early career scientists. The committee serves staff across the scope of GFDL’s research effort, from computational to climate and earth system science. The committee’s primary tasks are to identify and communicate career development opportunities, and identify career development obstacles and develop proposals to address them. Topics will include, but not be limited to: new scientist orientation, training and leadership development opportunities, mentoring, travel, merit criteria and promotion tracks, co-authorship policies, and work-life balance. The committee will consist of five members and a chair, but will draw input from early career scientists throughout the laboratory.  Each member will serve for one to two years before rotating out. Meetings will be held once per quarter, and more often as required to address issues raised.   Outcomes from the committee’s activities, including proposals to address obstacles, will be reported to the director and deputy director for consideration.

Members: Charlie Stock, David Paynter, Fabien Paulot, Jan-Huey Chen, Lori Sentman and Carolyn Whitlock.

GFDL Awards Committee

The GFDL Awards Committee was created to assist the lab director and supervisors in determining appropriate award opportunities for GFDL scientific staff, especially those associated with relevant professional societies. The committee identifies potential nominees for those awards and helps develop compelling nominations. Committee members were selected to represent a cross-section of the lab’s scientific groups. Over the past few years, GFDL has been successful in garnering recognition for its scientists. See this link for a current list of those who have received honors and awards.

Members: Leo Donner (Chair), Kirsten Findell, Steve Griffies, Elena Shevliakova

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility Committee

GFDL Leadership supports efforts to identify and address barriers to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion both within the GFDL community and within OAR and NOAA. As a result of our 2019 Laboratory Review, a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee has been formed to interface with the GFDL Director, Deputy Director, and Associate Director, providing strategic suggestions and advice for developing new policy recommendations and bring DEI matters into consideration in the Lab’s decision process.

Members: Rebecca Beadling, Mitch Bushuk, Henri Drake, Sammy Ghazal, Matt Harrison, Latoyia Kirton, Jessica Luo, Mingjing Tong