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Tom Knutson

Division Leader: GFDL Weather and Climate Dynamics Division



Focus Areas:

  • Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change
  • Detection and Attribution of Climate Change
  • Climate Variability
  • Climate Change Assessments

Thomas R. Knutson

Senior Scientist, NOAA/GFDL

Feature:  Is precipitation changing in your region due to human-caused climate change?
Feature:  New Machine-Learning based attribution mapping of 100,000 climate impacts studies by Callaghan et al. (Nature Climate Change 2021) uses Knutson et al. Precipitation and Temperature regional trend assessment methodology.  Explore here.
Feature:  WMO Expert Team assessments of tropical cyclones and climate change:  Detection and attribution (2019) and Projected response to anthropogenic warming (2020).  
Feature:  Interview for (March 2021):  Does Climate Change Equal More Tropical Storms?
Feature:  Webinar at Univ. of Maryland (May 18, 2020):  Tough Regional Climate Change Problems:  Detection/attribution and Projections for Hurricanes, Precipitation and Sea-level Pressure Trends

Research Interests