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Tom Knutson

Division Leader: GFDL Weather and Climate Dynamics Division



Focus Areas:

  • Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change
  • Detection and Attribution of Climate Change
  • Climate Variability
  • Climate Change Assessments

Thomas R. Knutson

Senior Scientist, NOAA/GFDL

Feature:  NOAA webinar series (Nov. 14, 2023):  Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change.(YouTube recording)
Feature:  Projections of U.S. landfalling hurricane activity: will the proportion of hurricanes making US landfall increase?   (Climatic Change, 2022); Full view-only version here.)
Feature:  Is precipitation changing in your region due to human-caused climate change?
Feature:  WMO Expert Team assessments of tropical cyclones and climate change:  Detection and attribution (2019) and Projected response to anthropogenic warming (2020).  

Research Interests