GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GFDL Model Code – Public Releases

The following GFDL model codes have been released for public use. Click on the model code to be redirected to the “Quick Start” guides for each model code, where you will find information about the model and instructions on how to acquire and run the code.

Type Model Description Components Resolution
Atmosphere AM3 The atmospheric component of the GFDL coupled model CM3 is GFDL’s
first global atmospheric model to include cloud-aerosol interactions.
AM3 From 100 to 220 km
Atmosphere HiRam GFDL global HIgh Resolution Atmospheric Model  was developed with
a goal of providing an improved representation of significant weather events
in a global climate model. It contains a subset of AM3 parametrization.
HiRam From 13 to 26 km
Atmosphere Doubly Periodic HiRam The Doubly Periodic HiRam is an idealized model for testing atmosphere
physics. Uses the single tile version of the cubed sphere dynamical core.
Ocean MOM5 MOM is a numerical ocean model based on the hydrostatic primitive equations.
MOM5 contains a marine ecosystem model known as COBALT.
MOM5 COBALT From 1/10 to 2 degrees
Ocean GOLD GOLD is a generalized Lagrangian-coordinate ocean model. The principal
use of GOLD has been as an isopycnal coordinate ocean climate model.
GOLD From 1/12 to 2 degrees
Climate CM2.1 CM2.1 was released as part of the MOM5 project. Coupling LM2 land and
lat-lon dynamical core with MOM5 ocean. The code was released as part of
the MOM5 project.
AM2 MOM5 COBALT LM2 220 km Atmosphere 1 degree Ocean
Earth System ESM2M and ESM2G GFDL Earth System Model coupling LM2 land with carbon and lat-lon dynamical
core with the ocean models MOM5 and GOLD, respectively. The code was released
as part of the MOM5 and GOLD projects.
ESM2M: AM2 MOM5 COBALT LM2     ESM2G: AM2 GOLD LM2 220 km Atmosphere 1 degree Ocean
Seasonal to Climate CM2.5 and FLOR A descendant of the GFDL CM2.1 model that incorporates higher spatial
resolution and a significantly improved land model (LM3). It uses cubed
sphere dynamic core with AM2 physics and MOM5 Ocean. Since the high-resolution
ocean model is relatively expensive to run, a companion model, CM2.5_FLOR,
was developed using the same atmospheric component as CM2.5, but with a
lower resolution ocean model.
AM2 MOM5 LM3 110 km Atmosphere CM2.5 ¼ degree Ocean FLOR 1 degree Ocean