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Mitch Bushuk

Peer Reviewed Publications: (Google Scholar Profile)

  • In Review
  • The influence of the Antarctic surface energy balance on Southern Ocean deepwater formation and deep ocean circulation
    Delworth, T., W. Cooke, A. Adcroft, M. Bushuk, J-H Chen, P. Ginoux, R. Gudgel, R. Hallberg, L. Harris, M. Harrison, N. Johnson, S. Kapnick, S-J Lin, F. Lu, S. Malyshev, P. C. Milly, H. Murakami, V. Naik, S. Pascale, D. Paynter, A. Rosati, M. D. Schwarzkopf, E. Shevliakova, S. Underwood, A. Wittenberg, B. Xiang, X. Yang, F. Zeng, H. Zhang, L. Zhang, M. Zhao, 2019, submitted.
  • The GFDL Global Ocean and Sea Ice Model OM4.0: Model Description and Simulation Features
    Adcroft, A., W. Anderson, C. Blanton, M. Bushuk, C. O. Dufour, J. P. Dunne, S. M. Griffies, R. W. Hallberg, M. J. Harrison, I. Held, M. F. Jansen, J. John, J. P. Krasting, A. Langenhorst, S. Legg, Z. Liang, C. McHugh, A. Radhakrishnan, B. G. Reichl, T. Rosati, B. L. Samuels, A. Shao, R. Stouffer, M. Winton, A. T. Wittenberg, B. Xiang, N. Zadeh, R. Zhang, 2019, submitted.
  • Structure and Performance of GFDL’s CM4.0 Climate Model
    Held, I. M. Held, H. Guo, A. Adcroft, J. P. Dunne, L. W. Horowitz, J. Krasting, E. Shevliakova, M. Winton, M. Zhao, M. Bushuk, A. T. Wittenberg, B. Wyman, B. Xiang, R. Zhang, W. Anderson, V. Balaji, L. Donner, K. Dunne, J. Durachta, P. Gauthier, P. Ginoux, J.-C. Golaz, S.M. Griffies, R. Hallberg, L. Harris, M. Harrison, W. Hurlin, J. John, P. Lin, S. J. Lin, S. Malyshev, R. Menzel, P.C.D. Milly, Y. Ming, V. Naik, D. Paynter, F. Paulot, V. Ramaswamy, B. Reichl, T. Robinson, A. Rosati, C. Seman, L. Silvers, S. Underwood, N. Zadeh, 2019, submitted.


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