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Mitch Bushuk

Peer Reviewed Publications: (Google Scholar Profile)

  • In Review
  • Predicting September Arctic Sea Ice: A Multi-Model Seasonal Skill Comparison
    Bushuk, M., S. Ali, D. Bailey, Q. Bao, L. Batte, U. S. Bhatt, E. Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, E. Blockley, G. Cawley, J. Chi, F. Counillon, P. Goulet Coulombe, R. Cullather, F. X. Diebold, A. Dirkson, E. Exarchou, M. Gobel, W. Gregory, V. Guemas, L. Hamilton, B. He, S. Horvath, M. Ionita, J. E. Kay, E. Kim, N. Kimura, D. Kondrashov, Z. M. Labe, W. Lee, Y. J. Lee, C. Li, X. Li, Y. Lin, Y. Liu, W. Maslowski, F. Massonnet, W. N. Meier, W. J. Merryfield, H. Myint, J. C. Acosta Navarro, A. Petty, F. Qiao, D. Schroder, A. Schweiger, Q. Shu, M. Sigmond, M. Steele, J. Stroeve, N. Sun, S. Tietsche, M. Tsamados, K. Wang, J. Wang, W. Wang, Y. Wang, Y. Wang, J. Williams, Q. Yang, X. Yuan, J. Zhang, and Y. Zhang, 2023, submitted.
  • Improvements in September Arctic sea ice predictions via assimilation of summer CryoSat-2 sea ice thickness observations
    Yongfei Zhang, Mitchell Bushuk, Michael Winton, Bill Hurlin, William Gregory, Jack Landy, Liwei Jia, 2023, submitted.
  • Open water in sea ice causes high bias in polar low-level clouds in GFDL CM4
    Xia Li, Zhihong Tan, Youtong Zheng, Mitchell Bushuk, Leo J. Donner, 2023, submitted.
  • Machine learning for online sea ice bias correction within global ice-ocean simulations
    William Gregory, Mitchell Bushuk, Yongfei Zhang, Alistair Adcroft, Laure Zanna, 2023, submitted.
  • Predictability of the Minimum Sea Ice Extent from winter Fram Strait Ice Area Export: Model vs Observations
    Trotechaud, S., B. Tremblay, J. Williams, J. Romanski, A. Romanou, M. Bushuk, R. Msadek, W. Merryfield, 2023, submitted.
  • Skillful forecasts of springtime CONUS tornado activity up to a year in advance
    K.-C. Tseng, N. C. Johnson, A. T. Wittenberg, T. L. Delworth, S.-K. Lee, H. Lopez, D. Kim, A. Kumar, H. Wang, F. Lu, W. Cooke, A. Rosati, L. Zhang, C. McHugh, X. Yang, M. Harrison, F. Zeng, H. Murakami, M. Bushuk and L. Jia, 2023, submitted.


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