GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Mitch Bushuk





Peer Reviewed Publications: (Google Scholar Profile)

  • In Review

  • Ice Scallops: A Laboratory Investigation of the Ice-Water Interface
    Mitchell Bushuk, David M. Holland, Timothy P. Stanton, Alon Stern and Callum Gray, 2018, in revision for Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
  • Robustness of Arctic sea-ice predictability in GCMs
    Ed Blanchard-Wrigglesworth and Mitchell Bushuk, 2018, Climate Dynamics, in revision.
  • Fingerprints of internal drivers of Arctic sea ice loss in observations and model simulations
    Qinghua Ding, Axel Schweiger, Michelle L’Heureux, Eric J. Steig, David S. Battisti, Nathaniel C. Johnson, Eduardo Blanchard Wrigglesworth, Stephen Po-Chedley, Qin Zhang, Kirstin Harnos, Mitchell Bushuk, Bradley Markle, Ian Baxter, 2018, Submitted to Nature Geoscience.

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