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Mitch Bushuk

Peer Reviewed Publications: (Google Scholar Profile)

  • In Review
  • An inter-comparison of the mass budget of the Arctic sea ice in CMIP6 models
    Ann Keen, Ed Blockley, David Bailey, Jens Boldingh Debernard, Mitchell Bushuk, Steve Delhaye, David Docquier, Daniel Feltham, François Massonnet, Siobhan O’Farrell, Leandro Ponsoni, José Rodriguez, David Schroeder, Neil Swart, Takahiro Toyoda, Hiroyuki Tsujino, Martin Vancoppenolle, and Klaus Wyser, 2019, submitted.
  • The dependence of internal multidecadal variability in the Southern Ocean on the ocean background mean state
    Liping Zhang, Thomas L. Delworth, William Cooke, Hugues Goosse, Mitchell Bushuk, Yushi Morioka, Xiaosong Yang, 2020, submitted.
  • Summertime atmosphere-sea ice coupling in the Arctic simulated by CMIP5/6 models: Importance of large scale circulation
    Rui Luo, Qinghua Ding, Zhiwei Wu, Ian Baxter, Mitchell Bushuk, Yiyi Huang, Xiquan Dong, 2020, submitted.
  • GFDL’s SPEAR seasonal prediction system: ocean data assimilation (ODA), ocean tendency adjustment (OTA) and coupled initialization
    Feiyu Lu, Matt Harrison, Anthony Rosati, Thomas Delworth, Xiaosong Yang, William Cooke, Liwei Jia, Colleen McHugh, Nathaniel Johnson, Mitchell Bushuk, Yongfei Zhang, Alistair Adcroft, 2020, submitted.
  • Assimilation of Satellite-retrieved Sea Ice Concentration and New Prospects for September Predictions of Arctic Sea Ice
    Yong-Fei Zhang, Mitchell Bushuk, Michael Winton, Bill Hurlin, Xiaosong Yang, Tom Delworth, and Liwei Jia, 2020, submitted.
  • Seasonal predictability of baroclinic wave activity: Toward predicting risks of extratropical extremes
    G. Zhang, H. Murakami, W. F. Cooke, Z. Wang, L. Jia, F. Lu, X. Yang, T. L. Delworth, A. T. Wittenberg, M. J. Harrison, M. Bushuk, C. McHugh, N. C. Johnson, S. B. Kapnick, K.-C. Tseng, and L. Zhang, 2020, submitted.


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