GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Dr. Whit Anderson

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab
201 Forrestal Rd, Princeton NJ 08542
Phone: (609) 452-5308

I am an oceanographer in the
GFDL Climate Processes and Sensitivity Group at the Geophysical Fluids Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL). My work is centered around development of and investigation with general circulation models. I was previously a Research Scientist with Princeton University and prior to that a UCAR Visiting Scientist at GFDL.

Currently Working On:

  • CM4 development and testing
  • Sill overflow representation in MOM6/CM4 and its role in climate simulation
  • CM2.6: Climate sensitivity and the impact of resolved eddies on physical and biological processes
Recently Worked On:

Recent Publications:

In the news…

Modeled cyclone trajectories under climatological ocean color conditions (green lines) and under “blue” conditions (blue lines).

8/2010 American Geophysical Union :Ocean Color Affects Hurricane Paths

8/2010 Science :Sea Murkiness Affects Hurricanes? When ‘Basic Research’ Pays Unexpected Dividends

8/2010 New Scientist : Deep Blue Ocean Gyres Mean Fewer Tropical Storms

8/2010 National Geographic : Ocean Color Can Deflect Hurricanes

8/2010 Discovery Channel News : Ocean Color Can Steer Hurricanes

8/2010 Science Daily : Ocean Color Affects Hurricane Paths